Assemblywoman Solages Calls for Rapid Testing Sites in Nassau Communities of Color

Assw. Solages calls on the state to position more testing sites on Long Island for minority communities

Solages calls for rapid testing sites in communities of color.
Solages calls for rapid testing sites in communities of color.

Elmont, NY As more governments release COVID-19 health data, the results are showing that people of color, including African-Americans and Latinos, are infected at rates disproportionate to their percentage of the state’s population. Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages is requesting that New York State and Nassau County facilitate rapid testing at Long Island Federally Qualified Health Centers, Inc. (LI FQHC) located in minority areas throughout Nassau County. The ID NOW COVID-19 rapid test targets the coronavirus (COVID-19) RdRp gene and delivers high-quality molecular positive results in as little as 5 minutes. Assemblywoman Solages issued the following statement:

“Not all citizens are offered equal health care. The COVID-19 outbreak shows the potential health and financial challenges for families, which disproportionately affect communities of color. This is compounded by African-Americans and Latinos underlying health and economic disparities. We need to immediately increase access to COVID-19 testing and treatment to the uninsured and those from communities of color.

As the number of cases increases on Long Island, New York State as well as Nassau County must be smart and utilize every component of its healthcare system efficiently. Emergency rooms should be reserved for patients whose symptoms are significant and may require hospitalization. On Long Island we can strategically use our community health centers to ease the strain on the hospitals. In addition to serving the backstretch workers at the Belmont Park Racetrack, LI FQHC has a long history of serving underserved, immigrant, and economically disadvantaged populations in the surrounding communities.

New York State should immediately provide rapid testing sites in areas like Elmont. This will allow us to slow the spread of COVID-19 for all individuals regardless of economic status, race, religion and ethnicity.”