An Education Deduction Expense Will Provide Relief for All Families and Their Children

Assemblymember Rodneyse Bichotte is a co-prime sponsor for an education tax deduction expense relief bill for parents and teachers

Albany, NY – Assemblymember Bichotte (D-Brooklyn), along with Assemblymember Cathy Nolan, Chair of the Education Committee, Assemblymember James Brennan, and Assemblymember Sheldon Silver introduced an education deduction expense bill (A8233) that will provide state tax relief for the purpose of instructional expenses that will enrich a child's education for coursework, including books, supplies, supplementary tutoring, and computer equipment. As in the previous Assembly bill, both public and private school parents will be able to take advantage of this opportunity. "I am pleased to join my colleagues as a prime sponsor of this bill that will address and provide a form of relief that all communities can benefit from," said Assemblymember Bichotte.

The bill allows up to a $3,000 tax deduction per child, up to a maximum of $12,000, for taxpayers with incomes of less than $120,000. This will especially help low- and middle-income families. This is an income exclusion that allows parents, whether they use itemized or standard deductions, to still enjoy the benefit of this exclusion from their Federal adjusted gross income.

This bill will also provide a tax deduction to teachers who spend up to $250 in out-of-pocket expenses for instructional materials.

"This bill provides the most cost effective, equitable and reliable relief for parents of all children who attend both public and private schools" said Assemblymember Bichotte. "As a champion for quality education, I recognize that children and their families from all educational sectors need help."