New York State Haitian-American Assemblymembers Bichotte, Solages, and Jean- Pierre Outraged About Illegal, Discriminatory and Racist Help Wanted Ad by Interim Healthcare, Inc. in Rockland, NY Pennysaver against Haitian Nurses

New York State – On Thursday, October 15th, Interim Healthcare, Inc., posted a help wanted advertisement, which blatantly discriminated against Haitians, essentially stating that Haitians need not apply. Assemblymember Bichotte, Assemblymember Solages and Assemblymember Jean-Pierre spoke out against the racist ad and called upon the State Department of Labor and the Office of the Attorney General for Civil Rights for an investigation and the possible dissolution of Interim Healthcare, Inc. The ad is below:

Female LPN/RN needed at West Haverstraw

Monday - Thursday 7:45am - 3:45pm effective 11/23-12/17. Laid back nurse, no haitians, must have strong respiratory mngt, gtube. No trach. Direct deposit. Weekly paychecks. Must have NYS certificate. Please complete the application at and select Nanuet as the city. Or call 845-425-2655 as for Nataliya or Annie. Mon-Fri between 9am-4pm only.

Haitians are being treated like second-class citizens. This type of treatment and discrimination should not be tolerated and these companies should be held accountable.

"I am appalled and extremely offended not only by the blatant discrimination displayed by Interim Healthcare, Inc., but by the Pennysaver that allowed such an advertisement to be placed in its classified section," said Bichotte. "As a Haitian-American elected official, this really hits home. I call on the State Department of Labor and Attorney General Schneiderman to file sanctions against this company doing business in the state of New York. Additionally, I want to thank Senator David Carlucci (D-Rockland) for his immediate statement and actions against the ad."

"State and federal law clearly states that employers cannot discriminate on the basis of race, color or national origin", said Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages. "Both Interim Healthcare Inc. and Pennysaver should be held accountable."

"Discrimination will not be tolerated in today's world or in any profession," said Assemblywoman Kimberly Jean-Pierre. "As a Haitian-American, every person no matter their race, gender, religion, or citizenship should have a fair chance to secure employment."

Senator David Carlucci of Rockland County and Assemblymember Rodneyse Bichotte contacted Attorney General Eric Schneiderman requesting that he take immediate action against the company Interim Healthcare, Inc., and the publication that published the ad to correct this injustice. The Civil Rights Division of the Attorney General's office has been extremely responsive and an investigation is currently underway.

Assemblymember Ellen Jaffee will be hosting a meeting to discuss this issue tomorrow in Rockland County.

Likely due to pressure from many concerned advocates, citizens, and elected officials, Interim Healthcare, Inc. has issued a statement: "We value the diversity of our patients and our employees. The ad in the Pennysaver for an LPN is totally unacceptable and is offensive to us and we know to all of you," the statement from Interim Healthcare President Katherine McNally said. “I can assure you that we take this seriously. Please accept our sincere apology. In particular, we apologize to the entire Haitian community."

In addition, Interim Healthcare said it has engaged an independent third party to conduct a comprehensive review, and that it will reassess its policies and procedures to ensure such an ad never again appears on its behalf.

Although an apology has been issued the Assemblymembers and the Haitian community are glad to see that a full investigation is in process.

This is a critical step in order to understand if this was something that only occurred this one time or if this is in fact a pattern. And although Interim Healthcare has engaged a third party to conduct a comprehensive review of its current policies and procedures it is difficult to believe that their current policies and procedures would allow for blatant and illegal discrimination.

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