Hawley Signs Letter Calling for Migrants to Stay off SUNY Campuses Statewide

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C-Batavia) signed a letter today alongside several Assembly legislators calling on Gov. Hochul to prevent SUNY college campus dormitories and other facilities from being used as undocumented migrant housing during the unprecedented migrant crisis from downstate New York. The letter highlights the need to keep these public schools serving their primary purpose, that being the housing and support of students attending the institutions full-time. Hawley would like to see alternative housing solutions for migrants considered.

“SUNY is considered underfunded and undermaintained as it is,” Hawley said. “The migrant crisis our state is facing is only going to continue if local leaders are not brought in to help coordinate a plan that is the least impactful on residents currently living in these upstate communities. I sincerely hope the governor reconsiders this haphazard proposal before it becomes another unmanageable crisis.”