Hawley Denounces Free Health Care Program for Sex Workers

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C-Batavia) criticized the Governor’s recent plan to provide tax-payer funded health care to sex workers across the state. This new initiative, known as the “Sex Worker Health Pilot Program,” will allow the state Department of Health to set aside approximately $1 million in public funds toward primary, behavioral, and gynecological care, as well as dental care for prostitutes. In a heavy-handed move, the governor’s office authorized this program without the approval of the Legislature. Hawley is frustrated that this administration is encouraging and promoting an industry that has done so much harm to the State of New York.

 “Prostitution in our state has increased crime and violence in our communities and decreased the quality of life for residents across Western New York,” said Hawley. “The way in which this program is being forced onto New Yorkers is nothing short of undemocratic. This new initiative by the governor is wildly irresponsible and will only encourage more prostitution within our state.”

Editor’s Note: Read the full story about free healthcare for prostitutes here - https://nypost.com/2023/07/23/kathy-hochul-launches-ny-health-care-program-for-sex-worker/?fbclid=IwAR0HKGKATFzR uwvOcw569WCPYTk4Gq5E8NFQEdcofsq gFpPVGbaXF8pTQ9k_aem_AePYbMdbVWGzzV MPDWacaBQrkZ_Ev9 HMD2M2v5u3yUkIPldkXVa6DciB3fVHhpIq8BU