Hawley Secures School Aid For Local School Districts

Every school district sees increase in state aid

The state budget for the upcoming fiscal year adds $1.1 billion for the general support of public schools for a total of $17.36 billion.

The 2006-07 fiscal year school aid projections for Assemblyman Steve Hawley’s 139th Assembly District show increased funding for every school district compared to last fiscal year.

"These aid increases are a sign of my commitment to our communities that our children will be afforded the finest education available," said Hawley (R,I,C-Batavia). "The future of our state depends on the success of our children."

The Assembly minority conference has seen many positive aspects of the education funding, but some feel more could be done to relieve burdensome property taxes. "We fought very hard for many of the increases included in this year’s budget," said Hawley. "The child tax credits, increases for public libraries, and BOCES are all important measures needed to better educate our children."

This year’s budget includes the Empire State Child Credit, which equals 33 percent of the Federal Child Tax Credit or about $330 per child. Increases of $5.8 million and $58.1 million to the governor’s original proposals were included for public libraries and BOCES, respectively.

The legislature rejected $530 million for the STAR program. "I am not pleased that that money was not included in this budget," said Hawley. "I will, however, continue to fight for homeowners who are paying these excessively high taxes.