Toll Hikes Yet Another Burden On New York Motorists

The proposal by the New York State Thruway Authority to increase toll fares by 10 percent before 2010 is simply ludicrous. The tolls motorists pay on the Thruway were to pay for construction of the roadway and be eliminated in 1994. However, this did not happen. The state still uses this source of revenue to pay for maintenance of the 641-mile roadway.

The increase in toll rates is nothing more than the state taking further advantage of New York motorists who must use the Thruway to travel for school, family or business obligations. Coupled with the astronomical cost of gasoline, we cannot expect motorists to empty their wallets every time they need to use the Thruway. The state’s budgetary woes cannot be pushed off onto the already overwhelmed taxpayers of New York State.

During recent public hearings, Western New Yorkers expressed their outrage at these proposed hikes. I join my constituents in urging the governor to step in now and do everything in his power to prevent the Thruway Authority from raising toll fares.

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