Hawley Calls On State To Repeal GasolineTaxes

Supports legislation which will save New York Motorists $500 million

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R-I-C – Batavia) joined members of the Assembly Minority Conference in calling on the State Legislature to immediately enact legislation that will repeal the state gas taxes on gasoline sold between Memorial Day and Labor Day this year.

"The cost of living across our state, and especially here in Western New York, continues to escalate. It is unreasonable to expect New York’s hardworking families to be able to afford rising costs on everything from the cost of gasoline to the cost of traveling the Thruway. It is bad enough that the Thruway Board would consider raising fares again and, the fact that they have, is just another reason why Albany needs to give New York’s motorists a break when it comes to gasoline costs. I am calling on the State Legislature to immediately enact this bill in order to repeal the state’s share of the taxes on gasoline and help save the hardworking people of this state some of their hard-earned dollars," stated Hawley.

The proposed legislation will repeal the three taxes, which the state currently puts on gasoline sales. For each gallon of gas sold in New York, the state applies an eight-cent sales tax, an eight-cent motor fuel tax, and a sixteen-cent petroleum business tax for a total of thirty-two cents.

This legislation is expected to save motorists $500 million over the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day. In addition to those thirty-two cents, there is also a four-cent tax that goes to the counties to use at their discretion. This legislation will also allow counties the right to opt in and eliminate their gas tax as well.

New York State continues to lead the Northeast region with the highest cost of gasoline. Statewide and nationally, the rising cost of gasoline is causing the cost of food, clothing and other products to skyrocket. Economists expect that this summer the cost of gasoline will exceed $4 per gallon. Some areas have already met this expectation with a national high price at $4.40 per gallon. The current high price in our area is at $3.80 per gallon.