Hawley & Department Of Transportation Announce New 4-Way Stop On The Corners On Route 262 In Byron

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R, I, C – Batavia) and the State Department of Transportation (DOT) are proud to announce the installation of a 4-way stop on Route 262 in Byron. The stop signs will be installed on June 30, 2008, on the corner of Route 262 and Byron Road.

“I am very pleased to have worked with DOT in order to help increase the security of our roadways and prevent the further loss of lives, prevention of injuries and property damage. I applaud DOT for their timely and effective response to this public safety concern,” said the Assemblyman.

“After conducting a thorough traffic study to investigate the conditions and uses of the intersection, that included recent accident patterns and traffic volumes, we decided an ‘all way stop control’ would be an appropriate modification to the location,” NYSDOT Regional Director Kevin O’Buckley said. “I cannot emphasize enough how critical it will be for motorists on all approaches to use caution at this intersection, particularly during the transition phase.”

For nearly the last decade, this intersection has been the site of a series of accidents, including the fatalities of two young siblings in an accident this past February. Although DOT had completed a comprehensive investigation of the intersection and installed larger intersection warning signs and stop lines on Byron Road, the February accident was evidence that more needed to be done to ensure public safety. In consideration of a traffic volume analysis, the accident history of the intersection, and a geometrics traffic study investigation, DOT determined that an “All Way Stop,” requiring traffic on all approaches to the intersection to be required to stop, was appropriate.

Motorists are advised to be prepared to stop in all four directions at the intersection, upon the stop signs installation this upcoming Monday. Electronic message boards will be placed at the intersection to inform motorists of the change.

“Although Route 262 is a highway that we all commonly use, installing the four-way stop is vital to ensure that our community is safer. The tragedies that resulted from the many accidents at this intersection have forever changed the families of those lost, as well as our community. In order to prevent this, I implore the public to adhere to the new traffic signs and to follow safe driving practices,” commented Hawley.