Rescind DMV License Plate Requirements: State Must Rein In Spending, Cut Burden On Taxpayers

A Statement from Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,I,C-Batavia)

It is not enough for the Governor and legislative leaders to “rein in spending” by making last-minute budget cuts. They must cut the excessive burden they have placed on the backs of taxpayers as well, and a good place to start would be rescinding the plan that requires all residents to get new license plates next spring. We do not need new license plates.

While I have been in Albany this week, I used this opportunity to call on the Governor and legislative leaders to immediately repeal this plan as a sign of good faith for our taxpayers, especially in Western New York and other upstate regions.

In rural areas, like in Western New York, it is a necessity to drive to buy food, to get to work. This license plate plan is just another tax on residents in communities like ours. This plan does not impact New York City residents, it affects us.

I am not just calling on the Governor and legislative leaders to stop with the car license plate plan. This would simply be a first step toward showing taxpayers that those representing them in Albany are listening.