Hawley Announces Albion’s Main Street Bridge To Reopen As Single Lane

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R, I, C – Batavia) is pleased to announce that a load rating analysis on the Main Street (Route 98) bridge in Albion has been completed and the bridge will be reopened as a single lane.

“I would like to thank the DOT, the local officials and the many businesses and farms for their leadership, coordination and cooperation during these last few weeks when the bridge was closed,” said Hawley, whose office helped advance the load rating analysis.

The results of the analysis mean that it is legally safe for large trucks to drive on the bridge, which runs over the canal on Route 98 through the center of Albion. According to the local officials involved in the process, the load posting signs will be removed soon and new signs, restricting trucks to use a single lane, will be installed.

Hawley’s office has helped advance the project since mid-summer when the state Department of Transportation (DOT) determined that the bridge needed support work done. The bridge’s load rating was dropped from 40 tons to six tons, preventing trucks and farm equipment from using the bridge. In the interest of not impeding local traffic and hurting businesses and farms near the bridge, Hawley urged for a resolution that would allow truck traffic to continue. The results of the analysis have determined that the bridge’s load rating is restored to 40 tons.