Hawley Votes Against Assembly Majority’s Anti-2nd Amendment Legislation

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R, I, C – Batavia) yesterday voted against legislation introduced by the Assembly Majority that aims to further impose on the 2nd Amendment Rights of lawful gun owners, and place costly mandates on firearm manufacturers.

“The legislation introduced yesterday is an absolute violation of the 2nd Amendment Rights of New Yorkers. Although the intention of the legislation is to prevent violent gun crimes across the state, the fact is that most gun-related violence is committed by criminals who obtained their firearms illegally.”

“Unfortunately, the Assembly Majority has disregarded this fact, as these new restrictions will not only end up hurting the sportsmen who value the tradition of hunting, but also the small businesses and manufacturers that they support. Instead of continuing to place more restrictions on law-abiding citizens and businesses, the Majority should be working on legislation that will help pursue the criminals who obtain their firearms illegally.”

Assemblyman Hawley opposed bill A.6468-C, which requires that manufacturers micro-stamp ammunition, and bill A.10894, which requires firearm owners to re-license their pistols every five years. Both bills, which passed, were introduced today as part of the Assembly Majority’s annual Anti-Gun Package.

“Protecting New Yorkers from violent gun crimes should not be done in a way that hurts law-abiding citizens. I voted against today’s anti-2nd Amendment bills and will continue to vote against future legislation that violates our constitutional rights,” Hawley concluded.