What Accomplishments Are You Most Proud Of From This Year’s Legislative Session?

First, I am proud to have opposed the overspending and overtaxing 2010-2011 State Budget, while continuing to demand the fiscal accountability New York needs. In terms of my personal accomplishments this year, I’m proud to have held 20 Town Hall meetings and hosted my second Local Government Conference for 74 county, town, and village officials in Albany to strengthen the relationship between the district and the state. I continued my efforts as an advocate for the region by personally purchasing and distributing 212 copies of Tom River's book Farm Hands to increase the legislature’s knowledge about agriculture. I introduced bills to repeal the two percent utility tax and $50 tax collection fee that hurt small businesses, and by introducing Abigail’s Law to protect our children. I’m also proud that the expenses to operate my Assembly office were among the lowest in the legislature, operating within the bottom 10%.