Unshackle Upstate Credits Hawley with Perfect Score on 2009-10 Legislative Scorecard

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R, I, C – Batavia) was recently issued a perfect score on Unshackle Upstate’s 2009-10 legislative scorecards. Hawley received all 100 possible points based on his voting record on legislation impacting businesses in Upstate New York. Of the 212 members in the New York State Legislature, Hawley is one of only two legislators to be honored with a spotless record.

“The key to restoring the health of New York’s economy is to afford our state’s businesses with every opportunity to succeed so that they can provide employment to the people of New York,” said Hawley. “This can only be accomplished through an unwavering commitment to protecting businesses here in Upstate New York, fostering a climate that attracts businesses to our region and keeps them here in the future.”

Unshackle Upstate, a bi-partisan coalition supporting pro-business reforms in Albany, rated legislators based on their voting and sponsorship records on budget bills and other legislation that the organization has taken a stance on. The scorecards are used to show voters where their representatives stand on the issues most important to the health and growth of business in Upstate New York. Hawley, who also was recently named the most pro-business assemblyman in Western New York by the National Federation of Independent Business New York Chapter, is hopeful that these scorecards will serve as a wake-up call for legislators and constituents alike.

“Unshackle Upstate is providing a valuable tool to empower New York voters that are sick of the double talk and inconsistency they receive from their elected officials,” Hawley said. “The issue is crystal clear: either you support Upstate New York businesses when it counts the most, or you wilt under the pressure and abandon the New York economy. I will continue to support all legislation that will bolster economic development and sustainable job growth for the dedicated and hardworking citizens of Upstate New York.”