Hawley Announces Committee Membership for 2011 Legislative Session

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R, I, C – Batavia) recently announced the committees he will sit on during the 2011 Legislative Session. Hawley will join the pivotal Committee on Ways & Means and serve as chairman of the Assembly Minority Steering Committee. He will continue to be a member of the committees on Agriculture, Veterans’ Affairs, Racing & Wagering and Insurance.

“I am confident that my perspective as a business owner will bring vital input to the Committee on Ways & Means, whose work on the state budget has a direct financial impact on all New Yorkers,” said Hawley. “This committee holds the key to fixing the problems at the core of Albany’s dysfunction: overregulation and unreasonable taxation to support ludicrous levels of spending. I truly believe that I can be the fiscally responsible voice fighting for Western New York that has been lacking in past year’s legislative sessions.”

Hawley continued, “I look forward to forging new partnerships with my colleagues in the state Assembly as we convene the new slate of committee memberships this year. I am honored to serve as chairman of the Assembly Minority Steering Committee, which will allow me to meet with business owners, local government officials and industry groups across the state to gather valuable input and craft business-friendly legislation.”

Hawley also expressed his commitment to continuing his committee memberships that have carried over from the 2010 Legislative Session. Having served on the board of the New York Farm Bureau, and being the owner of The Insurance Center in Batavia, the Assemblyman brings hands-on experience to the committees he serves on.

“As the owner of an insurance company, I will continue to bring a deep understanding of the role that government must play in insurance matters to the Committee on Insurance,” said Hawley. “I am nothing short of honored to continue my work with the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, so that I may continue to work tooth and nail to honor these brave men and women at every opportunity.”