Hawley: No Property Tax Cap, No Deal

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,I,C–Batavia) issued the following statement:

“In what is beginning to feel like déjà vu, the Assembly Majority has cast aside the needs of Western New Yorkers in favor of New York City’s interests. While forcing through legislation to control rent costs downstate, the Majority denied the will of New Yorkers across the state and refused to bring a property tax cap to the Assembly floor for a vote.

“Western New Yorkers are being taxed out of their homes and businesses are being driven out of our community, because no one can continue to afford the sky-high property taxes. Perhaps equally important is the need for mandate relief, which was completely ignored in the 2011-12 state budget. Without a property tax cap, the Assembly Majority will continue to put mandate relief on the backburner, and Western New Yorkers will lose on both fronts. This is an unacceptable and inequitable way for state leaders to govern, and I will not support legislation which lowers the cost of living in New York City while ignoring the plight of Western New Yorkers.”