Hawley: Independence Day Is Time For Celebration, Reflection

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,I,C–Batavia) issued the following statement:

As Independence Day lies just around the corner, the people of the United States owe a “Happy 235th Birthday” to Lady Liberty. Friends and families will gather together to celebrate, and celebrate they should! We have a lot to be thankful for as Americans, leading the world in freedom, liberty and opportunity. We all are truly blessed to live in the greatest nation on earth.

However, we have not earned our place as world leaders by chance. The sacrifice and selflessness displayed by the men and women of our armed forces for hundreds of years has allowed the United States to obtain and preserve our status as the standard that every other nation looks to for guidance. In Western New York, our communities are filled with these courageous heroes that have served in the past, while our children and grandchildren continue our proud traditions overseas. I implore the people of our community to take a moment this Independence Day to thank a veteran for everything they have done to make this country great.