Hawley: Final Agreement Gives Shot In The Arm To Families, Businesses

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,I,C–Batavia) issued the following statement

The final package of legislation voted on today included added measures providing tax relief for families and businesses that Western New Yorkers desperately need. By reducing income levies on tax-paying citizens and business owners, we are embracing the families and job creators that make New York the Empire State. Additional provisions that support our educational institutions address even more issues facing our region, making today’s vote a victory for Western New Yorkers.

In addition, I supported a pair of hostile amendments that would have addressed the most pressing issues facing New York – mandate relief and a state spending cap – which were denied by the Assembly Majority. These are solutions to problems that have plagued New York State for years. Until we address these issues, we cannot dig New York out of the financial hole it persistently finds itself in, but the numerous other benefits of this legislation are steps in the right direction for Western New York.