Hawley: Smoke-And-Mirrors Budget Fix Wrong Answer For New York

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,I,C–Batavia) issued the following statement:

According to reports from multiple sources, this week’s legislative action will result in tax hikes, not tax reform. As a small businessman, I know that the way to attract jobs and revitalize an economy is to open New York for business, not continue to make our business climate worse, and push families and businesses out of our state. The closed-door process that resulted in this ill-conceived deal is a classic example of the Albany dog-and-pony show – let three-men-in-a-room raise taxes in secrecy, and try to spin it as “reform” for public consumption. We need to focus on the real tasks at hand, which are cutting spending and providing mandate relief. This is a failure of open government, and the exact opposite of what must be done to create jobs in New York state.