A Special Report
from the New York State Assembly

Committee on
Local Governments

Sheldon Silver, Speaker • Robert K. Sweeney, Chair • February 2006

“With property taxes around the state skyrocketing, the Assembly is advancing this straightforward and much-needed plan calling for an increase in direct and unrestricted funds for every, town, village and city in the state. This additional funding will help municipalities meet their financial needs and reduce the burden on local taxpayers.”
  • Sheldon Silver
    Speaker, NYS Assembly

“Local aid increases have been sporadic over the past decade, often increasing at less than the rate of inflation. In many areas of this state, tax bases are stagnant and in decline and local governments have not had the resources they need. Our proposal renews the state’s commitment to local governments. This increase will help our cities, towns and villages provide essential services while holding property taxes in check.”
  • Robert K. Sweeney
    Chairman, Assembly Committee on Local Governments

Dear Friend:

In recent years, municipal officials across the State have been forced to do more with less money as tax bases have shrunk and costs have increased.

As part of this year’s budget process, the Assembly has advanced an aid package that would provide an additional $100 million in State Aid to municipalities across the State. This increase would be in addition to the $50 million increase proposed in the Executive Budget, bringing the total available aid to $1 billion.

The Assembly’s proposal would result in every city, town and village receiving an increase of almost 12 percent more than the Executive’s proposal and an aggregate increase of 18 percent over the amount they received last year.

Specific information regarding the municipal aid increases for every city, town and village in the state can be found on the Assembly’s Web site:

In addition to the increased funding, the Assembly’s aid proposal would also provide municipalities with increased flexibility. Unlike the Executive Budget proposal that contains restrictions on how the increased aid can be spent, the Assembly’s proposal would permit the municipalities to determine how best to use the money.

In order for the Assembly’s municipal aid package to be implemented we will need the cooperation of the Governor and the Senate. Please let them know that you support additional State Aid for our cities, towns and villages.

As always, please know that our door is always open to you. Working together we can make this much-needed local aid package a reality. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

“The Conference of Mayors and our 575 city and village members strongly support the Assembly local aid initiative announced by Speaker Silver yesterday. The additional $100 million in municipal aid included in the Assembly’s initiative will be put to use by every city and village to directly benefit New York’s overburdened municipal property taxpayer.”
  • New York State Conference of Mayors and Municipal Officials
Very truly yours,
Sheldon Silver, Speaker
New York State Assembly

Robert K. Sweeney, Chairman
Assembly Local Governments Committee

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“The aid that the Assembly is proposing contains no restrictions on how the funds may be spent. Local officials are best suited to make the right decisions about how to spend this additional funding.”
  • Robert K. Sweeney
    Chairman, Assembly Committee
    on Local Governments

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