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Herman D. Farrell, Jr.
Assembly District 71
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Chair, Ways and Means Committee
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A01689Provides that employers shall notify employees of potential state and federal earned income tax credits
A01793Provides that state contracts shall include a provision that allows the state to cancel the contract when the cost of the contract exceeds the original bid by more than ten percent
A01813Relates to the undertaking required during the pendency of a stay of enforcement of a judgment under the master settlement agreement
A01855Creates the office of the cooperative and condominium ombudsman, authorizes the residential unit fee
A01856Provides that a lender may receive not more than 20% of the future appreciation of property secured by a reverse mortgage granted to a person 60 years old or older
A01981Establishes protocols for combative sports; authorizes mixed martial arts events in this state
A01983Provides that for the purposes of sales and use tax collection, "persons required to collect tax" shall include a member of a limited liability company
A04047Requires cash lanes be made available at certain toll barriers
A05472Creates an electric vehicle rebate program within the NYS energy research and development authority
A06080Relates to reports of unclaimed amounts of money or other property
A07292Relates to the tobacco revenue guarantee fund and filing an annual report regarding certain expenditures for indigent legal services
A07310Tolls the four year statute of limitations look back period on rent overcharges where the owner of a housing accommodation acts in a wrongful or fraudulent manner
A07377Provides that when owned by a telephone company real property shall include conduits for conducting or transmitting electricity, power, light or other substance upon, above or underground
A07419relates to tax check-off funds
A07448Relates to compensation of certain state officers and employees excluded from collective bargaining units; repealer
A07509Increases the limit on certain investments
A07632Extends provisions of law relating to the sale of bonds and notes in the city of New York
A07936Relates to tax abatement for certain industrial and commercial properties in N.Y. city
A08167Relates to compounding, dispensing and sale of pharmaceuticals for veterinary use
A09179Relates to income taxes; repealer
A09290Makes technical corrections to certain language relating to report recipients
A09929Relates to the sale of bonds and notes of New York City
A10120Relates to providing a period of probable usefulness for an intangible asset classified as a capital asset
A10265Relates to authorization of debt to respond to acts of terrorism, a limit on the total amount of state-funded debt, and the refunding of state debts
A10266Relates to taxation of unincorporated businesses
A10340Relates to enacting the New York state fiscal reform and accountability act
A10439Relates to the power of the dept of finance of NYC to compromise taxes that are administered by such department except for property taxes
A10512Relates to the taxation of the transfer of real property

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:

A10741Makes amendments to certain provisions of the 2016--2017 state budget

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00364   A00504   A00914   A01040   A01282   A01865   A01876   A01936   A01950   A02803   A03313   A03341   A03346   A03385   A03839   A03911   A03975   A04037   A04115   A04286   A04303   A04311   A04330   A04582   A04630   A04877   A04990   A05264   A05565   A05740   A05811   A05891   A05963   A06054   A06218   A06221   A06970   A07257   A07526   A07642   A07805   A08244   A08332   A08439   A09108   A09281   A09353   A09459   A09473   A09535   A09769   A09821   A09961   A10445  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
A10569   A10679