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Herman D. Farrell, Jr.
Assembly District 71
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Chair, Ways and Means Committee
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A00025Requires cash lanes be made available at certain toll barriers
A00026Provides that housing judges of the New York city civil court shall be elected for terms of ten years
A00033Provides that for the purposes of sales and use tax collection, "persons required to collect tax" shall include a member of a limited liability company
A00034Creates the office of the cooperative and condominium ombudsman, authorizes the residential unit fee
A00035Provides that a lender may receive not more than 20% of the future appreciation of property secured by a reverse mortgage granted to a person 60 years old or older
A00036Prohibits application of pesticides in bodies of water that are used as a source of drinking water, except those used for the disinfection of drinking water
A00037Prohibits the transportation of hydraulic fracturing fluids and waste, for any purpose within the city of New York or within 25 miles of such city
A00210Provides that employers shall notify employees of potential state and federal earned income tax credits
A00246Establishes a special commission on compensation for state employees designated managerial or confidential and provides for its powers and duties
A04993Relates to the undertaking required during the pendency of a stay of enforcement of a judgment under the master settlement agreement
A05118Enacts the Multichannel Video Programming Distributor Competition Act
A05436Enacts the comptroller's 2013 mandate for fiscal reform act; repealer
A05959Suspends the income tax refund statute of limitations for individuals who are financially disabled
A06764Authorizes cities having a population of one million or more, which impose a personal income tax, to grant a household and dependent care services credit when necessary for gainful employment
A07176Relates to the refunding of bonds and amounts and stated maturity dates of such bonds
A07301Relates to authorization of debt in times of public emergency; and a limit on state funded debt and refunding of state debts
A07595Provides that when owned by a telephone company real property shall include conduits for conducting or transmitting electricity, power, light or other substance upon, above or underground
A07738Establishes the financial restructuring board for local governments
A08312Establishes protocols for combative sports; authorizes mixed martial arts events in this state
A08434Relates to the New York state prostate cancer research, detection and education fund
A08813Relates to salaries and benefits for certain state officers and employees excluded from collective negotiating units
A08853Extends certain provisions of law relating to temporary investments by local governments
A09344Establishes a special commission on compensation for state employees designated managerial or confidential and provides for its powers and duties
A09394Relates to extending the tax rate reduction for conveyances of real property to existing real estate investment funds
A09463Relates to the sale of bonds and notes in NYC, the refunding of bonds, the down payment for projects financed by bonds, variable rate debt, and interest rate exchange agreements in NYC
A09577Provides that court withdrawal actions must be commenced in the court which had original jurisdiction of the underlying matter
A09638Provides that state contracts shall include a provision that allows the state to cancel the contract when the cost of the contract exceeds the original bid by more than ten percent
A09639Relates to the timely expenditure of check-off monies
A09643Increases the portion of public pension fund assets that may be invested according to the prudent investor standard
A09861Provides for the issuance of local refunding bonds which do not exceed the amounts and maturity of the bonds which they refund
A09908Tolls the four year statute of limitations look back period on rent overcharges where the owner of a housing accommodation acts in a wrongful or fraudulent manner

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:

A10082Bans electronic and other devices used to evade state and local taxes and imposes criminal and civil penalties
A10166Relates to the awarding of attorneys' fees and expenses on residential landlord-tenant disputes

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00022   A00038   A00113   A00251   A00523   A00689   A00991   A01043   A01131   A01539   A01585   A01647   A01677   A01729   A01795   A02043   A02060   A02096   A02192   A02597   A02677   A02769   A02805   A02924   A02967   A02994   A03026   A03389   A03494   A03634   A03846   A04085   A04243   A04394   A04636   A05347   A05373   A05424   A05472   A05580   A05680   A05998   A06046   A06327   A06481   A06716   A07119   A07424   A07535   A07782   A07805   A07838   A08070   A08096   A08104   A08173   A08198   A08343   A08344   A08392   A08431   A08432   A09135   A09462   A09521   A09640   A09744  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
A10144   A10168   A10192   A10193