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Richard N. Gottfried
Assembly District 75
Chair, Health Committee
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A02673Relates to certain application and referral forms for health care plans
A02674Provides for clarification of the disposition of human remains
A02675Requires health care providers to disclose errors in diagnosis, treatment, services that provider knows has caused substantial harm or significant risk thereof
A02687Provides for additional remedies for patients' private right of actions in residential health care facilities
A02688Establishes the clinical trial access and education fund to provide grants for certain services for patients with life-threatening or disabling conditions/diseases
A02689Provides protections to parents who decline to have their children immunized on the basis of religious beliefs
A02690Extends the protections of the medical exemption from mandatory immunizations for students
A02692Authorizes the commissioner of health to develop and administer training programs for coroners, coroners' physicians and medical examiners
A02693Relates to the definition of a clinical peer reviewer
A02694Establishes an age-appropriate sex education grant program, to be referred to as the healthy teens act
A02695Relates to rights of residents of adult care facilities
A02697Relates to requirements for the safe handling of prescription drug samples by certain health care professionals
A03138Prohibits disclosure of testimony of a party to a health care quality assurance or peer review proceeding
A03139Subjects nursing homes not providing basic standards of care to nursing home diversion
A03749Relates to the performance of medical services by physician assistants
A03781Relates to managed long term care plans
A04062Relates to the special advisory review panel on Medicaid managed care
A04226Prohibits discrimination based on gender identity or expression and includes offenses regarding gender identity or expression under the hate crimes statute
A04381Allows nurse practitioners to perform any function in conjunction with the making of a diagnosis of illness or physical condition
A04382Establishes certification procedures for the profession of nurse anesthesia
A04383Relates to the practice of registered professional nursing by a certified registered nurse anesthetist
A04392Establishes the prescription drug discount program; repealer
A04440Prohibits participation in torture and improper treatment of prisoners by health care professionals
A04466Relates to certain prohibitions in contracts or agreements by health maintenance organizations
A04467Relates to the adult care facilities training program
A04468Authorizes the commissioner of health to make grants to be used to help pay for the costs of conducting local blood drives
A04469Includes health care facilities operated or supervised by the department of correctional services or local correctional facilities within the definition of hospital
A04470Relates to the licensing of acupuncturists and the practice of the profession of acupuncture
A04471Allows vesting of a health care proxy authority without incapacity of ward
A04472Relates to long term home health care program enhancement
A04525Requires every general hospital to have a community advisory board
A04846Establishes the nurse practitioners modernization act
A04996Relates to Medicaid reviews and appeals
A05142Provides that an affirmation of a health care practitioner may be served or filed in an action in lieu of and with same force and effect as an affidavit
A05143Establishes health care organization accountability for delay, failure or refusal to approve, provide, arrange or timely pay for certain health care services
A05144Provides for cost allowances for investments in technology infrastructure for certain home health care programs
A05145Relates to insurer recovery from health care providers
A05146Regulates the payment of reimbursement where the insured has assigned his or her rights to an out-of-plan health care provider
A05147Relates to death and felony crime reports in certain adult care facilities
A05148Adds certain school based health services to list of services which need not be provided by a managed care program
A05149Relates to establishment of adult care facilities
A05150Authorizes a general hospital to identify and use immediate measures to move admitted patients from emergency departments within four hours of being admitted
A05167Establishes a quality incentive payment program for adult homes
A05168Relates to requiring a registered nurse on staff at facilities certified for enhanced assisted living or special needs assisted living
A05169Relates to including certain written false statements within perjury
A05183Relates to enhancing the quality of adult living program for adult care facilities
A05201Relates to penalties for violations relating to residential care programs for adults
A05216Requires health plans with coverage of out of plan medical services to provide certain information to insureds, subscribers and enrollees
A05340Authorizes the commissioner of corrections and community supervision to develop programs in correctional facilities to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases
A05341Provides person/entity with authority to operate a hospital shall be subject to approval by public health and health planning council for establishment of hospital
A05342Relates to the applicability of local laws of certain cities to buildings owned, leased or operated by the state or its agencies
A05343Relates to payment for police services provided to the New York city housing authority
A05344Relates to investigations and inspections by the department of housing preservation and development in NYC
A05345Directs health care professionals to provide pain-relieving medications to the extent authorized by accepted professional guidelines
A05346Requires managed care programs to establish procedures to assure participant access to dental services to which entitled, other than through managed care provider
A05347Repeals certain provisions regarding adoption of new or revised city charter proposed by charter commission which limit submission of questions to city's electors
A05348Makes warrant execution, not issuance, following judgment for petitioner in summary proceeding to recover possession of real property act which annuls relationship
A05349Relates to medicaid payment for co-payments due under Medicare Part D
A05350Provides that the commissioner of health may exempt certain brand name drugs so that they fall under medical assistance umbrella
A05351Makes provisions regarding small claims jurisdiction where claimant is a tenant or lessee of real property owned by defendant that is situated within certain limits
A05352Provides for pharmacy benefit management and the procurement of prescription drugs at a negotiated rate for dispensation
A05353Provides for the exclusion of certain costs associated with home health care and the formula for calculating state reimbursements to such programs
A05354Relates to adoption of rules and regulations by state and local government entities prior to the effective date of legislative acts
A05355Expands the definition of major utility transmission facility to include certain facilities in which electric current is transformed
A05356Provides that liquor authority may include certain terms and conditions as part of various licenses for on-premises consumption to assure premises lawfully operated
A05357Relates to referrals of patients for health related items or services
A05358Prohibits regulations from permitting an owner to refuse to renew a lease on grounds that the housing is sought for personal use or occupancy; repealer
A05389Provides for establishment of the New York Health plan
A05537Allows for reimbursement of transportation costs for emergency care without prior authorization by the social services official
A05692Enacts the health care consumer and provider protection act relating to collective negotiations by health care providers with certain health care plans
A06357Relates to the medical use of marihuana
A06571Enacts the "safe staffing for quality care act"
A06676Relates to the approval of construction of hospitals or diagnostic treatment centers without regard to public need and financial resource requirements
A07102Relates to competency exams, service charges, petitions to modify or vacate orders, profiling requirements and modifying physician and advertising and testimony standards
A07106Amends certain definitions relating to tobacco products and changes the minimum pack sizes for tobacco products and the tax amount for tobacco products
A07248Relates to insurance reimbursement for cost of vaccinations
A07505Relates to conforming the definition of palliative care throughout the public health law
A07518Provides for the operation of the donate life registry for organ, eye and tissue donation by a not-for-profit organization
A07571Provides for the making of health care decisions for people who lack capacity; repealer
A07813Relates to charges for emergency services and requires certain disclosures relating to payment schedules and network coverage
A07845Relates to provision of certified home health agency services, long term home health care programs and AIDS home care programs
A08010Relates to credit enhancement for health reform projects
A08012Relates to manufacturers of alcohol and their interest in any premises where alcohol is sold and retail licenses
A08083Relates to the regulation of managed long term care plans
A08316Provides for the payment by the state of the costs of an evaluation and early intervention services to eligible children
A09398Relates to midwifery birth centers
A09517Relates to restricted clinical laboratory licenses issued under the clinical laboratory technology practice act
A09610Relates to the provision of maternal depression education, screening guidelines, and referrals for treatment
A09611Provides for quality assurance for trauma and emergency care
A09648Relates to restoring medical futility as a basis for DNR
A09693Relates to judicial and administrative procedures for vindicating patient health care decisions
A09709Authorizes an attending physician to make decisions regarding hospice on behalf of an incapable adult without a surrogate; repealer
A09800Provides for reimbursement for the provision of offsite primary care services by general hospital outpatient clinics and diagnostic and treatment centers
A09801Adds 2 representatives of home care agencies to the workgroup on state health information technology infrastructure

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:

A09937Relates to authorizing the granting of an additional real property tax exemption for certain redevelopment company projects
A09950Relates to food service in funeral establishments
A09966Includes representation on the New York state palliative care and education and training council of social workers and home care

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00050   A00061   A00113   A00171   A00174   A00187   A00190   A00202   A00231   A00243   A00253   A00263   A00269   A00276   A00350   A00352   A00366   A00368   A00414   A00420   A00424   A00455   A00479   A00497   A00498   A00505   A00523   A00553   A00555   A00571   A00596   A00619   A00654   A00655   A00675   A00679   A00689   A00703   A00705   A00721   A00742   A00745   A00746   A00748   A00753   A00780   A00811   A00828   A00846   A00848   A00853   A00858   A00920   A00934   A00939   A00942   A00950   A00990   A00991   A00997   A01037   A01038   A01046   A01056   A01065   A01072   A01077   A01116   A01124   A01125   A01126   A01154   A01160   A01166   A01170   A01180   A01196   A01228   A01237   A01242   A01281   A01368   A01383   A01400   A01507   A01527   A01577   A01585   A01766   A01792   A01848   A01857   A01859   A01909   A01919   A01957   A01958   A01978   A02045   A02060   A02104   A02133   A02180   A02182   A02185   A02232   A02240   A02257   A02287   A02308   A02320   A02327   A02335   A02345   A02368   A02396   A02548   A02593   A02597   A02609   A02677   A02736   A02769   A03016   A03017   A03069   A03075   A03088   A03098   A03103   A03388   A03389   A03413   A03425   A03494   A03515   A03516   A03562   A03563   A03569   A03595   A03597   A03599   A03634   A03659   A03676   A03768   A03842   A03903   A03949   A03951   A03963   A04024   A04116   A04186   A04211   A04212   A04227   A04228   A04236   A04272   A04275   A04305   A04306   A04314   A04331   A04354   A04389   A04422   A04424   A04526   A04571   A04726   A04735   A04789   A04791   A04886   A04961   A04980   A05013   A05028   A05060   A05067   A05124   A05132   A05159   A05175   A05177   A05194   A05227   A05231   A05233   A05250   A05251   A05267   A05302   A05373   A05424   A05464   A05472   A05473   A05581   A05600   A05651   A05653   A05680   A05697   A05723   A05788   A05816   A05836   A05857   A05925   A05998   A06031   A06040   A06046   A06073   A06076   A06239   A06299   A06327   A06328   A06352   A06360   A06405   A06426   A06451   A06517   A06530   A06557   A06558   A06650   A06716   A06717   A06790   A06818   A06860   A06861   A06863   A06870   A06871   A06873   A06926   A06932   A06948   A06964   A06988   A06994   A07003   A07119   A07144   A07155   A07373   A07394   A07482   A07534   A07535   A07554   A07558   A07616   A07618   A07619   A07620   A07671   A07698   A07725   A07736   A07756   A07782   A07785   A07791   A07794   A07838   A07867   A07881   A07885   A07956   A07958   A07981   A08000   A08045   A08057   A08070   A08121   A08185   A08187   A08193   A08195   A08198   A08201   A08215   A08234   A08262   A08268   A08288   A08289   A08290   A08297   A08304   A08317   A08333   A08341   A08343   A08344   A08362   A08401   A08408   A08409   A08410   A08442   A08447   A08454   A08464   A08469   A08476   A08478   A08483   A08484   A08497   A08512   A08571   A08585   A08588   A08594   A08605   A08617   A08631   A08634   A08637   A08643   A08669   A08670   A08699   A08731   A08743   A08744   A08769   A08770   A08774   A08785   A08798   A08800   A08824   A08838   A08841   A08843   A08848   A08849   A08858   A08874   A08875   A08902   A08903   A08907   A08944   A08945   A08952   A08955   A08960   A08975   A08976   A08978   A08981   A08983   A08997   A09027   A09036   A09037   A09077   A09090   A09096   A09108   A09123   A09124   A09127   A09139   A09140   A09157   A09206   A09207   A09211   A09232   A09240   A09243   A09249   A09251   A09256   A09259   A09260   A09279   A09298   A09299   A09312   A09336   A09341   A09348   A09366   A09368   A09370   A09386   A09428   A09480   A09487   A09490   A09515   A09521   A09523   A09528   A09529   A09537   A09545   A09548   A09549   A09550   A09561   A09566   A09633   A09640   A09645   A09647   A09651   A09670   A09671   A09702   A09710   A09720   A09731   A09765   A09766   A09772   A09776   A09783   A09785   A09786   A09802   A09806   A09811   A09834   A09870   A09900  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
A09934   A09943   A09948   A09955   A10015   A10017   A10040   A10055   A10070   A10137   A10143   A10144   A10156   A10162   A10163   A10164  

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