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McLaughlin: Assembly Majority Finally Join Minority In Support Of Teachers, Students

Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (R,C,I-Schaghticoke) today commented on passage of a bill in the Assembly that will address concerns about teacher evaluations and Common Core testing. Assembly Bill 7303-A, which McLaughlin...

May 20, 2015
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McLaughlin: Cuomo Sinks Millions Into START-UP NY, Audit Proves Miserable Failure

Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (R,C,I-Schaghticoke) today condemned Gov. Cuomo’s marketing campaign for START-UP NY, which has spent millions of taxpayer dollars on advertising, yet, created only a few dozen new jobs. An audit published Monday said...

May 13, 2015
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McLaughlin: Cuomo’s New York A Criminal Enterprise

Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (R,C,I-Schaghticoke) today commented on New York’s newly-awarded infamous rank as the most corrupt state in the nation. McLaughlin said Gov. Cuomo’s diluted ethics reforms during his tenure have done little to drain the...

May 6, 2015
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McLaughlin: Corruption Is Unacceptable In Any Form, Skelos Must Step Down As Majority Leader

Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (R,C,I-Schaghticoke) today called on Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R,C,I-Long Island) to step down from his leadership role. McLaughlin said corruption is unacceptable in government in any capacity, no matter the...

May 4, 2015
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