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McLaughlin: Pork Spending Weighs Down Enacted Budget, Taxpayers Shoulder Burden
April 15, 2015
McLaughlin Calls On State Ed To Release Aggregate Opt-Out Numbers
April 15, 2015
McLaughlin: START-UP NY Another Taxpayer-Funded Game Of Cronyism
April 10, 2015
McLaughlin: Common Core Testing Is Not Mandatory, Opt Out To Send Bureaucrats A Message
April 9, 2015
McLaughlin: Education Budget Bill Shameful, Detrimental to Teachers and Students
March 31, 2015
McLaughlin: Middle-Class New York Is Struggling; Boat of Dreams Is Not the Answer
March 31, 2015
McLaughlin: Schools, Students Deserve Surplus Funding Most
March 24, 2015
McLaughlin Introduces Legislation To Increase Transparency, Hold Gov’s Office Accountable
March 19, 2015
McLaughlin: Assembly Majority Finally Addresses Women’s Equality, Left Women At Risk For Years
March 16, 2015
McLaughlin: Assembly One-House Budget Insulting To Schools And Upstate New York
March 12, 2015
McLaughlin: Glaring Hypocrisy And Cowardice As Assembly Majority Votes Down Pro-Transparency Reforms
March 9, 2015
McLaughlin: Gov.’s E-mail Policy Shows Lack Of Transparency
March 3, 2015
McLaughlin: Cuomo Playing Politics With College Students’ Educations
February 25, 2015
McLaughlin: Different Speaker, Same Priorities
February 12, 2015
McLaughlin: Cuomo’s Economic Development Plan NY Hunger Games
February 6, 2015
McLaughlin: Cuomo Steals Ethics Platform From Assembly Minority
February 4, 2015
McLaughlin: FASNY Program Benefits Firemen And Students
January 30, 2015
McLaughlin: Silver’s Arrest A Long Time Coming
January 22, 2015
McLaughlin Comments On State Of The State
January 21, 2015
McLaughlin: My Priorities As We Begin This Year’s Session
January 13, 2015
McLaughlin: Cuomo’s Common Core Veto Puts Teachers At Risk
December 31, 2014
McLaughlin Statement on Cuomo’s Decisions to Ban Fracking and Build Casinos
December 18, 2014
McLaughlin Named to New York Farm Bureau’s 2014 Circle of Friends
December 10, 2014
McLaughlin Again Calling For Study Of Dewey Loeffel Landfill
October 2, 2014
McLaughlin: The Anti-Corruption Legislator
October 2, 2014
Cuomo’s Refusal to Comment on Illegal Immigrant Legislation Unacceptable
September 18, 2014
McLaughlin: Common Core Remains A Disaster
September 2, 2014
McLaughlin: New York’s Women Continue To Suffer As Majority Refuses To Pass Women’s Equality Agenda
August 28, 2014
McLaughlin Ranked Among Highest Pro-Small Business Legislators According to NFIB
August 25, 2014
McLaughlin Announces Availability Of Hoosic River Revitalization Funding
August 19, 2014
McLaughlin: Moreland Commission Expenses Warrant Audit
July 30, 2014
St. Augustine’s And Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin Announce A Partnership To Solve The Crimes Committed In Lansingburgh
July 24, 2014
Cuomo Administration Must Go
July 24, 2014
McLaughlin Vows To Fight Local Crime
July 22, 2014
McLaughlin: Assembly Majority Needs To Stop Shameless Campaigning And Allow A Vote On Women’s Equality
June 19, 2014
McLaughlin Lauds Passage Of CPR Training Bill
June 18, 2014
McLaughlin: No Pensions For Politicians Who Breach Public Trust
June 17, 2014
McLaughlin Joins Statewide Activists Urging Action On Women’s Equality Bills
June 17, 2014
McLaughlin To Assembly Majority: Stop Playing Politics With Women’s Equality
June 16, 2014
McLaughlin: Assembly Majority Continues To Block Common Core Reform
June 6, 2014
McLaughlin: Assembly Majority Blocks Key Provisions Of Women’s Equality Agenda
May 28, 2014
McLaughlin Welcomes Hoosic Valley Boys Varsity Basketball Team To Capitol
May 12, 2014
McLaughlin Comments On Termination Of Moreland Commission
May 5, 2014
McLaughlin Supports National Library Week
April 14, 2014
McLaughlin: Shah Resigning Is Appropriate Thing
April 11, 2014
A Budget Of Missed Opportunities
April 10, 2014
McLaughlin: Assembly Budget Misses The Mark
March 13, 2014
McLaughlin On Boyland Verdict: It’s About Time
March 6, 2014
It’s Time For Meaningful Mandate Relief
February 13, 2014
A Mixed Bag From Gov. Cuomo
January 9, 2014
McLaughlin: You’re Late Governor. Again
November 8, 2013
McLaughlin Attends NY SAFE Act Forum
October 23, 2013
McLaughlin Applauds New Agriculture Tax Cap
October 23, 2013
McLaughlin & Fitzpatrick Call On Silver To Donate Frequent-Flier Miles Awarded At Taxpayer Expense
August 12, 2013
McLaughlin Announces Volunteer Firefighter Grant Opportunities
July 16, 2013
McLaughlin Announces Grants For Local Libraries
June 21, 2013
McLaughlin: An Abysmal End To Session
June 21, 2013
McLaughlin Supports Agriculture Tax Cap
June 19, 2013
McLaughlin Passes Bill To Include Wynantskill Creek As An Inland Waterway
June 13, 2013
McLaughlin Joins Call To Restore OPWDD Cuts
June 3, 2013
McLaughlin Honored As Legislator of the Year
May 30, 2013
McLaughlin: Cuomo And Silver Just As Complicit In Cover-Up
May 17, 2013
McLaughlin Releases “Education Summit” Report, Writes To Governor
April 29, 2013
McLaughlin: OGS Ignores Requests, Taxpayers; No Data To Back Up Outrageous Estimate
April 26, 2013
McLaughlin Opposes Minimum Wage Hike
March 5, 2013
McLaughlin Welcomes Doyle Middle School Students To Capitol
February 27, 2013
Municipalities, Individuals Encouraged to Fly Flag at Half Staff on Saturday, February 16 in Honor of Fallen Hero Chris Kyle
February 14, 2013
Assemblyman McLaughlin Attends Economic Development Hearing, Questions CEO Adams
February 12, 2013
McLaughlin Hosts Student Assembly At Algonquin Middle School
February 7, 2013
Statement From Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (R,C,I-Melrose)
February 5, 2013
McLaughlin Hosts State Champs From Hoosick Falls
January 29, 2013
McLaughlin Hosts State Champs From Ichabod Crane
January 23, 2013
McLaughlin: Moscow Would Be Proud Of New York
January 16, 2013
McLaughlin: Your Tax Dollars Wasted In Strip Clubs, Liquor Stores, Porn Shops
January 7, 2013
McLaughlin & Community Donate Coats To Unity House
December 19, 2012
Thruway Nixes Toll Hike
December 17, 2012
Statement from Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin On Shooting At Sandy Hook Elementary School
December 14, 2012
Thruway: The Grinch That Stole Christmas? McLaughlin & Tedisco Slam Thruway Authority’s Consideration to Raise Tolls on Cars
December 6, 2012
McLaughlin To Host Annual Holiday “Coats For Kids” Drive
December 5, 2012
McLaughlin Holds Thruway Accountable
November 28, 2012
McLaughlin: Regeneron Expansion Shows Progress On Local Jobs
November 15, 2012
McLaughlin Writes To DMV Commissioner On Poor Decision
November 14, 2012
“Rogue” Thruway Authority: “Frankly, Capital Region Taxpayers, We Don’t Give a Damn – Take a (Toll) Hike”
August 27, 2012
McLaughlin Writes To Governor On Thruway Toll Hike
August 16, 2012
McLaughlin Labels Teacher Evaluation Disclosure Small Step In Right Direction
June 21, 2012
McLaughlin, McDonald Pass Bill To Designate Sergeant Derek Farley Bridge
June 21, 2012
What A Difference Two Years Make
June 19, 2012
McLaughlin: Microstamping Costs Jobs, Does Not Save Lives
June 19, 2012
McLaughlin Bill Supporting Volunteer Firefighters Passes Assembly
June 15, 2012
McLaughlin Hosts Chatham Elementary Students At Capitol
June 14, 2012
Turnpike Elementary Meets With McLaughlin, Canestrari At Capitol
June 14, 2012
McLaughlin Starts CPR Training Program For High School Students
June 5, 2012
McLaughlin Condemns Thruway For Proposed Toll Hike
June 1, 2012
McLaughlin, Saland Host Chatham High Model Congress At Capitol
May 22, 2012
McLaughlin Honors Blue Star Families
May 22, 2012
Local Advocate Honored At Disabilities Awareness Day
May 21, 2012
McLaughlin Rejects Job-Killing Bill
May 15, 2012
Local Libraries Tapped For Grants
May 11, 2012
McLaughlin, Jordan, McDonald Host Hoosic Valley State Champs At Capitol
May 9, 2012
McLaughlin: NY Farmers Rallied Against Out-Of-Touch Obama Bureaucrats
April 27, 2012
McLaughlin: Lower-Cost Power Will Accelerate Private Sector
April 25, 2012
McLaughlin Slams Federal Assault On Agriculture
April 18, 2012
Statement by Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (R,C-Melrose)
April 11, 2012
McLaughlin: Budget Is Progress Capital District Needs
March 30, 2012
McLaughlin: Cap Spending In Budget
March 28, 2012
McLaughlin: Assembly Majority Budget Proposal Is A Bad Plan For NY
March 14, 2012
McLaughlin: Pay Hikes For Lawmakers Is Outrageous
January 24, 2012
Prayer Vigil For Hannah Smith Tonight, 7 p.m.
January 12, 2012
McLaughlin: Promoting Jobs, Cutting Spending Top 2012 To Do List
January 4, 2012
McLaughlin Responds To USPS Announcement
December 13, 2011
McLaughlin: Albany International Job Losses Are A Blow To Capital District Economy
November 18, 2011
McLaughlin Receives Top Honor From Business Council
November 18, 2011
McLaughlin: Rensselaer County Budget Should Be Model For New York State
October 20, 2011
McLaughlin Disappointed In FEMA Decision
August 31, 2011
McLaughlin Applauds Route 143 Paving
August 22, 2011
McLaughlin: Today’s Announcement Signals Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
July 28, 2011
McLaughlin: Loan Program Will Help Upstate Families
July 18, 2011
Session Ends On A Positive Note For Upstate
June 24, 2011
McLaughlin: Today Signals A Victory For Upstate Taxpayers
June 24, 2011
McLaughlin Sponsors, Helps Pass Statewide Veterans Protection Bill
June 21, 2011
McLaughlin: Schools, Local Governments Need Relief
June 20, 2011
McLaughlin: Ethics Bill Is Only The Beginning Of True Ethics Reform
June 13, 2011
McLaughlin Welcomes Blue Star Mothers To Capitol
May 16, 2011
McLaughlin Honors Delmar Resident On New York State Disability Day
May 16, 2011
McLaughlin Asks Residents To Connect With Him Electronically To Help Save Taxpayer Dollars
April 27, 2011
McLaughlin: Albany Cannot Hold Property Tax Cap Hostage
April 12, 2011
McLaughlin Doing His Part, Gives Ten Percent Of Salary Back To District
April 6, 2011
McLaughlin Applauds Bethlehem Central Teachers Association For Putting Students First
April 5, 2011
McLaughlin: On-Time Budget Bittersweet; No Long-Term Fixes In Sight Yet
March 31, 2011
McLaughlin Proposes Plan To Save Teacher Jobs
March 29, 2011
McLaughlin: Proposed Budget Includes Taxes, Excludes Relief And Reform
March 15, 2011
McLaughlin: Property Tax Cap And Mandate Relief Are Keys To Job Growth
March 1, 2011
Bethlehem Schools Taking Responsible Steps To Help Local Taxpayers
February 16, 2011
McLaughlin Urges Property Tax Cap At Hearing
February 15, 2011
McLaughlin Meets With Cuomo, Discusses Budget’s Impact On Upstate
February 8, 2011
McLaughlin Reviews Cuomo’s Budget
February 1, 2011
McLaughlin Takes Part In Sportsmen Awareness Day
January 26, 2011
McLaughlin Appointed Ranking Minority Member Of Real Property Taxation Committee
January 10, 2011
McLaughlin Cautiously Optimistic About Cuomo’s Plan; More Is Needed To Right The Ship For Taxpayers
January 5, 2011
McLaughlin Sworn In At Capitol
January 4, 2011

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