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December 12, 2017
"Certainly we've heard from others who wanted to apply for this program, but had a major drop in income in 2016, but it wasn't allowed. If we had one concern raised, it was that. And I know in the past some colleges have been able to address those extenuating circumstances, has that been addressed in any systematic way? Of course I understand that also costs money because that brings up numbers, but is that something that you do see a system-wide change in, trying to allow some flexibility when there has been a dramatic drop in income? Or military service or death in a family or whatever other extenuating circumstance, but certainly there is a difference sometimes when income is a year and a half out of date," asked Assemblymember Patricia Fahy, Member of the Committee on Higher Education, questioning Dan Fuller, Assistant Secretary for Education to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo during the Assembly Standing Committee on Higher Education public hearing to examine the Excelsior Scholarship and the Enhanced Tuition Awards programs. PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE