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Patricia Fahy
Assembly District 109
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A04658Authorizes payment of additional state aid for certain state-leased or state-owned lands
A05182Relates to the form and content of designating petitions for the office of board of education member for the city school district of the city of Albany
A06227Relates to the development of plans to adequately address military sexual trauma experienced by female veterans
A06348Authorizes the common council of the city of Albany, as the local legislative body, to establish the fee charged for issuance of birth and death records
A06618Authorizes certain institutions to receive state aid for earned associate degrees even after being authorized to confer earned bachelor's degrees
A06633Requires legislative approval of any contract between a corporation and New York state that would require the relocation of 75 or more employees across county lines
A07610Relates to the reacquisition of abandoned cemetery plots by a Catholic religious cemetary corporation
A07647Relates to transfers from the environmental protection fund to the general fund
A07880Authorizes big game hunting in Albany county with a rifle
A08195Relates to financial responsibility and reimbursement for payment for early intervention services
A08196Establishes the crime of public lewdness in the first degree
A08259Relates to the form of proposed constitutional amendments, propositions or questions
A08482Relates to the transportation of children four years of age and older attending pre-kindergarten; repealer
A08509Relates to the imposition of community service for students in place of or in conjunction with suspension
A08877Relates to the city of Albany pilot residential parking system and extending the effectiveness thereof
A09046Removes the requirement that party emblems be included in ballot design
A09048Repeals section 3-408 of the election law relating to election inspectors and clerks
A09218Extends the effectiveness of chapter 405 of the laws of 2005 for two years relating to authorization for the county of Albany to impose a mortgage recording tax

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00088   A00187   A00420   A00749   A00775   A00824   A00898   A01077   A01160   A01204   A01792   A01793   A01957   A02042   A02089   A02318   A02412   A02562   A02581   A02597   A02775   A02916   A03106   A03480   A03515   A03597   A03686   A03750   A03754   A04054   A04106   A04440   A04606   A04722   A04741   A04822   A04861   A04887   A05060   A05079   A05304   A05364   A05424   A05459   A05465   A05587   A05689   A05696   A05822   A05842   A05899   A05958   A06059   A06089   A06225   A06228   A06357   A06593   A06594   A06770   A06839   A06943   A06979   A07173   A07189   A07191   A07259   A07320   A07349   A07442   A07535   A07588   A07594   A07714   A07844   A08065   A08070   A08121   A08187   A08189   A08198   A08203   A08293   A08316   A08343   A08418   A08474   A08595   A08653   A08675   A08740   A08744   A08813   A08824   A08874   A08908   A08918   A08929   A08938   A08986   A09037   A09053   A09090   A09135  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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