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Phil Steck
Assembly District 110
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A06858Relates to off-premises beer and wine products sales in premises licensed for on-premises consumption
A06860Requires engineers and architects to maintain malpractice insurance in the amount of $1,000,000
A06861Relates to split shifts and minimum wage
A06870Increases the amount of prima facie proof of damages from two thousand dollars to forty thousand dollars
A06873Relates to appellate processes for misdemeanor cases where a term of imprisonment is imposed
A06932Relates to the applicability of provisions relating to liability of shareholders for wages due to laborers, servants or employees for certain foreign corporations
A07494Relates to replacement of individual life insurance policies or annuity contracts
A07616Relates to personal income tax rates; repealer
A07618Relates to on-premises license or permit for the provision of alcohol by a volunteer firefighters' organization
A07619Includes bonus in the definition of wages for purposes of the labor law
A07620Prohibits the sale of covered license plate frames
A08362Authorizes all municipalities to join a county self-funded or self-insured health plan
A08401Establishes unpaid leave of absence as a reasonable accommodation under the state's human rights law
A08407Relates to residency requirements for students in districts in which charter schools are located
A08408Relating to the timeliness of judicial decisions
A08409Relates to the state policy against restraint of trade
A08410Relates to rebates on stock transfer tax paid; decreases amount to sixty percent
A08419Relates to the state employees equal opportunity act
A08483Relates to eliminating a disincentive for whistleblowers
A08502Relates to school boards approving a budget that exceeds the tax levy limit by a sixty percent vote; subsequently it must be approved by a majority of the qualified voters
A08617Relates to the provision of municipal advanced life support first responder service or municipal ambulance service
A08636Exempts students participating in interscholastic sports from physical education classes
A08848Relates to the career development and occupational studies program
A08850Removes the requirement of a sworn statement administered by a notary public for purposes of petitions
A08976New York earned benefits act; relates to the provision of sick and vacation time earned by employees
A09005Creates the anti-SLAPP act
A09075Relates to want of prosecution
A09197Relates to the repayment of appropriations made for the construction of a civic center in Albany
A09220Deems income allocated to New York for the purposes of calculating the tax factor of the QEZE tax reduction to include all business income

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00070   A00204   A00246   A00407   A00408   A00625   A00753   A00806   A00823   A00824   A00934   A01039   A01040   A01056   A01102   A01132   A01170   A01176   A01193   A01196   A01227   A01264   A01278   A01402   A01403   A01486   A01490   A01491   A01492   A01621   A01623   A01625   A01626   A01627   A01630   A01632   A01696   A01704   A01720   A01721   A01729   A01792   A01816   A01848   A01983   A02026   A02149   A02180   A02240   A02315   A02723   A02736   A02778   A03137   A03244   A03305   A03525   A03660   A03673   A03734   A03741   A03750   A03781   A03995   A04191   A04193   A04318   A04422   A04440   A04609   A04621   A04753   A04861   A04862   A04965   A04981   A05013   A05053   A05060   A05125   A05173   A05174   A05200   A05279   A05302   A05323   A05389   A05412   A05424   A05444   A05468   A05566   A05570   A05578   A05583   A05587   A05644   A05664   A05665   A05667   A05696   A05716   A05744   A05785   A05786   A05899   A05936   A05937   A05958   A05999   A06059   A06089   A06093   A06098   A06239   A06240   A06327   A06357   A06377   A06529   A06571   A06593   A06597   A06633   A06723   A06729   A06767   A06772   A06777   A06790   A06801   A06862   A06880   A06894   A06974   A06996   A07003   A07034   A07086   A07124   A07144   A07173   A07202   A07209   A07253   A07332   A07482   A07535   A07554   A07671   A07736   A07849   A07893   A07919   A08070   A08137   A08141   A08187   A08189   A08195   A08201   A08219   A08259   A08281   A08300   A08316   A08332   A08399   A08418   A08426   A08442   A08443   A08447   A08448   A08473   A08509   A08512   A08585   A08596   A08607   A08619   A08637   A08669   A08670   A08687   A08690   A08718   A08720   A08740   A08745   A08764   A08774   A08785   A08841   A08843   A08870   A08902   A08929   A08944   A08949   A08981   A09123   A09135   A09213   A09218   A09276  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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