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Ken Blankenbush
Assembly District 117
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A02679Permits employees of authorized organizations to operate games of chance
A04897Provides an exception to revocation of licenses where a licensee or permittee cooperates in any action taken against an agent or employee
A04900Provides that lands owned by the state for reforestation purposes shall be subject to taxation for all purposes
A04902Provides for establishment of school speed limits by county legislative body
A04907Relates to prompt payments to counties by the state
A04925Establishes and authorizes telepharmacy in this state
A04926Increases from ten to fifteen years, the period of probable usefulness of additions to or conversions of class "C" buildings
A04944Relates to the timeliness of prosecutions for assaults committed against children
A04948Relates to licensing of dogs that are redeemed or adopted from shelters or pounds
A07263Extends the sales and compensating use tax authorized for the county of Jefferson
A07371Extends the authorization for Lewis county to impose an additional sales and compensating use tax
A07600Authorizes Lewis county to establish wireless surcharges
A07864Relates to requiring antique, classic or collectors cars be inspected for safety biennially instead of annually
A07933Requires parole violators in the counties of Jefferson, Oswego, and Saint Lawrence to be transferred to state correctional facilities after 10 days in a local correctional facility
A07985Relates to a three phase power revolving loan program
A08599Eliminates the photo image fee for veterans who have their license amended with a veteran notation
A08879Expands the definition of agricultural labor to include working at a farmers market; unemployment insurance coverage

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00152   A00165   A00563   A00570   A01079   A01350   A01587   A01588   A01620   A01623   A01808   A01811   A01812   A01814   A01863   A01998   A02088   A02482   A02686   A02747   A02859   A02872   A02873   A03084   A03144   A03145   A03289   A03290   A03352   A03689   A03788   A03795   A04021   A04078   A04177   A04249   A04264   A04265   A04287   A04296   A04312   A04313   A04329   A04332   A04333   A04357   A04361   A04362   A04363   A04446   A04447   A04448   A04449   A04450   A04451   A04486   A04624   A04671   A04736   A04866   A04896   A04903   A04935   A05017   A05051   A05086   A05105   A05106   A05206   A05255   A05280   A05318   A05441   A05501   A05540   A05735   A05736   A05739   A05740   A05839   A05841   A05955   A06084   A06408   A06410   A06411   A06443   A06546   A06893   A06970   A07132   A07173   A07217   A07347   A07393   A07596   A07760   A07846   A07994   A08189   A08214   A08389   A08453   A08565   A08844   A08888   A09352  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:

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