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Raymond Walter
Assembly District 146
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A04868Provides that a person 70 years of age or more may apply for a driver's license with a two year duration of validity
A04870Authorizes the motor vehicles commissioner to issue seasonal registrations for periods of less than one year
A04872Prohibits the sale of gift certificates that diminish in value due to dormancy; and prohibits surcharges and fees on gift certificates
A04873Relates to reasonable accommodation
A04882Requires the tax commission to pay interest upon tardy personal income tax refunds made thirty days or after filing therefor
A04898Provides veto power to the governor over acts of the power authority of the state of New York
A04899Relates to the effect of mandates on school districts
A04902Relates to long term care insurance education; caps allowable increases in premiums; prohibits exclusions for pre-existing conditions
A04903Mandates that more than one manager administer the college choice savings program
A04908Authorizes assessor of taxing municipality to accept late application for veterans exemption from real property taxes in certain cases
A04911Provides for suspension of license penalties for licensed drivers under the age of eighteen for violations of certain restrictions
A04915Requires disclosure of all campaign receipts regardless of amount
A04916Authorizes the board of education of any school district in the state to enter into a contract for the sale of advertising space on school athletic fields
A04942Relates to requiring the state to fund certain programs mandated for municipal corporations and school districts
A04945Establishes a veterans' gerontological advisory committee
A06228Authorizes Lois J. Reid to apply for ordinary disability retirement benefits

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00377   A00530   A00719   A00725   A00739   A00755   A00781   A00791   A00798   A00801   A00818   A00981   A00982   A01013   A01017   A01032   A01034   A01036   A01039   A01066   A01076   A01227   A01241   A01266   A01474   A01586   A01621   A01762   A01774   A01775   A01807   A01819   A01841   A01842   A01853   A01935   A01958   A02001   A02261   A02270   A02271   A02272   A02532   A02615   A02704   A02761   A02940   A03223   A03256   A03422   A03477   A03558   A03569   A03590   A03629   A03656   A03685   A03722   A03786   A03797   A03808   A03846   A03876   A03943   A03988   A04009   A04044   A04074   A04082   A04088   A04105   A04117   A04167   A04272   A04274   A04301   A04302   A04313   A04319   A04328   A04335   A04367   A04390   A04423   A04480   A04503   A04617   A04643   A04647   A04659   A04677   A04716   A04782   A04805   A04822   A04957   A04982   A04983   A04984   A04985   A05065   A05142   A05165   A05174   A05184   A05195   A05196   A05215   A05218   A05233   A05271   A05285   A05291   A05299   A05360   A05428   A05436   A05453   A05454   A05477   A05487   A05490   A05491   A05492   A05493   A05498   A05515   A05531   A05538   A05547   A05554   A05555   A05558   A05559   A05560   A05575   A05576   A05671   A05803   A05805   A05809   A05812   A05823   A05831   A05832   A05833   A05898   A05974   A05990   A05998   A05999   A06016   A06025   A06098   A06109   A06112   A06153   A06158   A06160   A06162   A06184   A06194   A06220   A06241   A06351   A06364   A06409   A06439   A06481   A06482   A06483   A06515   A07072   A07089   A07092   A07093  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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