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David DiPietro
Assembly District 147

DiPietro: Session Ends With Missed Opportunities
June 28, 2015
DiPietro Reiterates Call to Shut Down START-UP NY
June 10, 2015
DiPietro: Majority Playing Games with Ethics Reform
June 9, 2015
DiPietro Applauds Hiring Of Over 100 New Correction Officers
June 1, 2015
DiPietro: Let’s Send Veterans Bill Back To Gov. Cuomo’s Desk
May 28, 2015
DiPietro: Gov. Sending $25 Million Out For START-UP NY Despite ‘No Tangible Benefit’
May 19, 2015
DiPietro: Comptroller Report Shows START-UP NY An Expensive Failure
May 12, 2015
New Yorkers Wait Too Long For Tax Freedom Day
May 8, 2015
One Invite-Only Education Summit Won’t Be Enough
May 6, 2015
DiPietro-Sponsored Workplace Protections Clears Assembly; Heads To Gov.’s Desk
May 5, 2015
Minimum Wage Hike Hurts Small Businesses
May 4, 2015
DiPietro: Comptroller Medicaid Report Should Spark Conversation About Reform
April 30, 2015
DiPietro: Bring Pension Forfeiture To The Floor Today
April 28, 2015
DiPietro-Sponsored Equal Pay Bill Passes Unanimously
April 27, 2015
Majority Rejects A Stop To Common Core
April 23, 2015
DiPietro: New Report On Government Pensions For Crooked Pols Should Inspire Change
April 20, 2015
DiPietro: Long Past Due To Shut Down START-UP NY
April 17, 2015
ALEC Doesn’t Fall For Gimmicks; Ranks NY Dead Last In Economic Outlook
April 9, 2015
DiPietro Votes Against Typical Albany Solutions In Budget
April 1, 2015
DiPietro: No To Abortion Expansion
March 25, 2015
DiPietro: Give New Settlement Funds Back To The People
March 23, 2015
DiPietro: Finally A Vote On Human Trafficking
March 17, 2015
DiPietro Votes In Favor Of Ethics Measures
March 9, 2015
DiPietro Announces East Koy Creek Bridge Repairs To Begin In May
March 6, 2015
DiPietro Meets With NYSUT Reps To Discuss Gov. Cuomo’s War On Education
March 4, 2015
Education Transparency And Funding: The Budgetary Priority
March 4, 2015
DiPietro Calls On Governor To Release School Aid Runs
February 26, 2015
Tipped Employees Wage Hike Endangers Fragile Small Business Economy
February 25, 2015
DiPietro: Gov. Shouldn’t Endanger TAP For Illegal Immigrants
February 24, 2015
DiPietro Signs On To Legislation Barring Sex Offenders From Living Near Schools, Parks, Daycares
February 20, 2015
DiPietro: Ease Transition Into New York For Military Spouses
February 18, 2015
DiPietro: Ethics Reform Not Mentioned During Speaker Heastie’s First Week
February 11, 2015
DiPietro: No Bills, No Session, No Leadership From Majority
January 28, 2015
DiPietro: State Of The State More Gimmick Than Substance
January 23, 2015
DiPietro: Silver Has To Resign And Do It Today
January 22, 2015
DiPietro: START-UP NY Lacks Transparency; Still Won’t Solve Economic Woes
January 13, 2015
DiPietro Re-Appointed To Small Business Rankership
January 7, 2015
Cuomo Turns Back On Veterans
November 12, 2014
DiPietro: Tappan Zee Bridge Deal Robs Upstate Waterways For Downstate Travel
July 28, 2014
DiPietro: Governor Incapable Of Fixing Albany Corruption
July 28, 2014
Pension Forfeiture Bill Makes Its Way To Codes Committee
June 16, 2014
DiPietro: Majority Strikes Down Not-For-Profit Property Tax Relief
May 28, 2014
Our Civil Rights Are Absolute
April 17, 2014
SAFE Act Deadline Doubles Down On Tax Day Pain
April 15, 2014
DiPietro: Majority Reinforces SAFE Act
April 7, 2014
Budget Another Opportunity Squandered By Albany
March 31, 2014
Assemblyman David DiPietro, Educators And Parents Discuss Common Core Standards At Assembly Minority Education Forum In Elma
March 29, 2014
DiPietro Continues Fight To Expand Protections For The Unborn
March 25, 2014
DiPietro Secures Funding For Route 39
March 18, 2014
Assemblyman David DiPietro to Host Forum to Discuss Common Core Standards at Assembly Minority Education Forum in Elma
March 18, 2014
Upstate Prisons In Peril As Gov. Cuomo Appoints New Downstate Ally To Corrections Department
March 17, 2014
DiPietro Calls For Commissioner King To Resign
March 5, 2014
DiPietro: Albany Moves With No Regard For Law-Abiding Families
February 25, 2014
DiPietro: Clock Strikes Midnight On Welfare Reform
February 24, 2014
DiPietro Says No To Convict University
February 19, 2014
DiPietro: Tide Turning Against Governor And Common Core
February 11, 2014
DiPietro: I Will Fight For The Unborn Until My Last Breath
January 27, 2014
Volunteer Firefighter Tuition Aid Deadline Is February 3
January 27, 2014
DiPietro: More Corporate Welfare From Cuomo
January 21, 2014
DiPietro: One Year Too Many For SAFE Act
January 13, 2014
DiPietro: Governor Still Relying On Smoke And Mirrors For Economic Help
January 8, 2014
DiPietro: Assembly Must Act To End Welfare Abuses
December 11, 2013
A Failure Of Leadership By The Education Commissioner
October 16, 2013
Despite New Branding, NY Still Worst Business Climate
October 10, 2013
DiPietro Named To ‘Circle Of Friends’
October 4, 2013
DiPietro Announces Victory In OPWDD Restoration
October 1, 2013
DiPietro Announces New District Office
September 3, 2013
DiPietro & Garden Clubs Dedicate Blue Star Memorial
June 26, 2013
End Government’s War On The Unborn
June 20, 2013
DiPietro Hunting Bill Advances To Senate
June 18, 2013
DiPietro: Developmental Disabilities’ Funding Restored
June 17, 2013
DiPietro Joins Bipartisan Push To Enact Regulatory Reform Before Session Ends
June 17, 2013
DiPietro: Let Us Be Representatives Of Our Districts
June 12, 2013
Freedom’s Knocking: DiPietro And Advocates Hand Deliver Signed SAFE Act Petitions To Governor
June 11, 2013
Freedom’s Knocking: Assemblyman DiPietro And Senator Marchione To Deliver NY SAFE Act Repeal Petitions
June 6, 2013
Stop Taking Small Business To The Cleaners, Make NY Tax-Free
June 5, 2013
DiPietro To Co-Host Regional Meeting On NY SAFE Act
June 4, 2013
It’s Up To Us To Prevent Pets From Being Abused
June 4, 2013
A Nightmare For New York Taxpayers
May 22, 2013
Cuomo Looks To Silence Sheriffs
May 20, 2013
Downstate Shouldn’t Regulate Our Farms
May 13, 2013
Dream Act ‘Another Nightmare For New York State’
May 7, 2013
DiPietro To Host SAFE Act Informational Session
April 29, 2013
DiPietro To Sponsor Blood Drive In Warsaw
April 29, 2013
SAFE Act Continues Assault on Rights as Controversy Grows
April 15, 2013
DiPietro: Protecting Our Children Is More Important Than Ever
April 13, 2013
DiPietro To Sponsor Blood Drive In Concord
April 13, 2013
DiPietro: Horrors Realized As NY State Seizes Firearms from Law-Abiding Citizen
April 12, 2013
DiPietro To Sponsor Blood Drive In Perry
April 11, 2013
DiPietro Authors Bills To Honor Veterans
April 3, 2013
Budget Fails To Address Welfare State
March 28, 2013
DiPietro Fights To The End For Developmentally Disabled Funding
March 28, 2013
DiPietro Authors Second Amendment Restoration Bill
March 20, 2013
Another Promise Kept: DiPietro Sponsors Welfare Reform Bills
March 20, 2013
DiPietro: Standing Up For Wyoming County Hunters And Firearms Enthusiasts
March 14, 2013
New York Economic Policies Hurt Buffalo-Niagara Region As Unemployment Hits 9.6 Percent
March 13, 2013
DiPietro Pleased To See Restored Mental Health Funding In Assembly And Senate Budgets
March 12, 2013
DiPietro Urges Increase In Infrastructure Budget
March 6, 2013
DiPietro Uses Small-Business Experience In Minimum Wage Decision
March 5, 2013
DiPietro Addresses NY2A Rally In Support Of Second Amendment
February 28, 2013
DiPietro To Participate In #NY2A Day, Second Amendment Rally In Albany
February 26, 2013
Western New York Assembly Minority Members Host Forum On Mental Health, School Safety & Violence
February 13, 2013
Assemblyman DiPietro Stands With Protestors
February 12, 2013
Assemblyman David DiPietro Slams UPPA; Supports Adoptee Bill Of Rights
February 5, 2013
Assemblyman DiPietro Calls Out Gov. Cuomo Over Effects Of Gun Legislation
February 1, 2013
DiPietro Statement On The Passing Of Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch
February 1, 2013
Assemblyman David DiPietro Thanks Concord Officials For Their Dedicated Service
February 1, 2013
Assemblyman David DiPietro Addressed Gun Appreciation Day In Buffalo
January 22, 2013
Assemblyman David DiPietro Statement On Proposed 2013 State Budget
January 22, 2013
Statement From Assemblyman David DiPietro (R,C-East Aurora) On Submission Of State DREAM Act
January 17, 2013
Assemblyman David DiPietro’s Statement On Voting To Protect Second Amendment Rights
January 15, 2013
Protecting Our Citizens And Their Rights
January 15, 2013
Assemblyman David DiPietro Encourages Residents To Contact Him
January 10, 2013
DiPietro: Governor’s State Of The State Focuses Too Heavily On Social Issues
January 9, 2013
Assemblyman David DiPietro Takes Oath Of Office In Native East Aurora
January 8, 2013
Assemblyman David DPietro Receives Oath of Office
January 8, 2013

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