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David DiPietro
Assembly District 147
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A03355Creates the animal abuser central registry, and to require that certain convicted animal abusers register with such registry
A03567Provides sales and use tax exemption for services rendered for the maintenance of certain trucks
A03649Prohibits state officers and employees from using state aircraft for political purposes
A03650Authorizes medical testing of inmates upon application for certain privileges for infection with certain diseases
A03651Requires forfeiture of certain property by certain persons convicted of sexual performance of child offenses
A03652Provides for the "Campaign Medal for Service" to be awarded to those who have provided military service in Iraq
A03654Relates to the town of Eagle, county of Wyoming wind project
A03663Imposes a one year residency requirement for eligibility for medical assistance
A03665Exempts certain senior citizen groups from payment of sales and use taxes
A03668Increases the amount of the salary paid to any career and technical education teacher, supervisor or other employee of a BOCES program that is an approved expense for purposes of state allocation
A03669Makes permanent the provisions of chapter 396 of the laws of 2012, amending the education law, relating to services to out-of-state school districts by boards of cooperative educational services
A03670Exempts certain dwellings and improvements from local taxation
A03671Relates to allowing one license plate to be issued for a vehicle
A03674Authorizes the reduction of assessed value of land subject to a conservation easement conveyed to not-for-profit conservation organization
A03676Requires recipients of public assistance benefits submit to pre-qualification drug screening and testing, random drug testing, reasonable suspicion drug testing and resumption of benefits drug testing
A03680Requires pharmaceutical drug manufacturers and wholesalers to annually disclose all gifts to certain health care practitioners
A03685Allows towns having populations of less than twenty thousand persons to burn brush without a permit
A03691Exempts qualifying residential real property from taxation for active duty service members
A03710Provides for certain uses of premises for which no duty is owed to keep premises safe and the inherent risk of use of off highway recreational vehicles
A03711Provides for the elimination of tolls on the New York state thruway for vehicles transporting veterans to and from veteran's administration hospitals and other veteran's healthcare facilities
A03712Establishes the crime of unlawful tampering of the milk supply in the first degree
A03713Allows applicants for gun licenses to consent to disclosure of the information contained in the license application
A03714Provides for the "Campaign Medal for Service" to be awarded to those who have provided military service in Afghanistan
A03716Increases the crime victim's assistance fee, creates a crime victim's lien and creates a crime victim's assistance account
A03717Ensures that women seeking an abortion receive an ultrasound and the opportunity to review the ultrasound before giving informed consent to receive an abortion
A03722Creates the offense of unlawful funeral protest
A03725Establishes the requirement of testing for a fetal heartbeat prior to the performance of an abortion, establishing standards for informed consent
A03726Prohibits certain sex offenders from residing, working or frequenting areas where children are likely to regularly congregate within the county of Wyoming
A03742Regulates taking of elk or moose in the same manner as deer hunting and trapping are currently regulated
A03745Makes various provisions relating to prostitution offenses; repealer
A03830Relates to rules and regulations of the state; requires recommendations on repealing unnecessary or otherwise burdensome rules and regulations
A03936Requires that documentation of statutory authority accompany proposed rules prior to the public comment period
A03937Eliminates the requirement that hunters wear back tags during hunting season in the state
A03938Establishes a task force for the review of the state administrative procedure act
A03940Expands the residential-commercial exemption program to include any municipality regardless of the population of the county in which it is located
A03943Repeals chapter 1 of the laws of 2013, amending the criminal procedure law and other laws relating to suspension and revocation of firearms licenses; private sale or disposal of firearms, rifles or shotguns
A04051Enacts the "New York student religious liberties act of 2015"
A04333Makes English the official language of New York state
A04659Provides that public officers convicted of a felony related to the abuse of his or her office shall forfeit their state pension
A05260Relates to prohibiting the use of certain solid waste products in the town of Marilla, Erie county
A05503Relates to prohibiting the use of state funds to support planned parenthood organizations
A05806Extends the expiration of the authorization to the county of Wyoming to impose an additional one percent sales and compensating use tax
A05906Relates to the power of county legislatures to preempt or supercede state laws
A06053Increases funding to municipalities under the consolidated local street and highway improvement program
A06060Relates to payment of prior year school aid
A06132Relates to the New York state veterans cemeteries
A06137Relates to a traumatic brain injury/PTSD treatment fund
A06230Grants retroactive membership with Tier 1 status in the New York teachers' retirement system to James J. DeMarco
A06408Relates to the qualifications for holding the office of assistant district attorney in the county of Wyoming
A06489Relates to legalizing, validating, ratifying and confirming a transportation contract of the Perry central school district
A07286Authorizes the town of Java, Wyoming county, to impose, by local law, a tax on hotel and motel occupancy of up to three percent of the charge therefor

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00095   A00141   A00269   A00377   A00387   A00434   A00530   A00639   A00851   A00877   A00957   A01073   A01091   A01197   A01439   A01474   A01621   A01658   A01724   A01762   A01774   A01775   A01812   A01839   A01852   A02001   A02024   A02032   A02261   A02270   A02271   A02338   A02350   A02386   A02414   A02429   A02444   A02472   A02484   A02503   A02504   A02532   A02591   A02704   A02756   A02803   A02861   A02862   A02901   A02952   A03034   A03048   A03056   A03134   A03256   A03409   A03477   A03531   A03539   A03603   A03629   A03646   A03656   A03697   A03698   A03721   A03756   A03783   A03786   A03797   A03808   A03846   A03923   A04001   A04009   A04088   A04145   A04154   A04167   A04175   A04217   A04254   A04275   A04285   A04302   A04313   A04350   A04359   A04366   A04372   A04377   A04439   A04501   A04505   A04506   A04617   A04643   A04647   A04651   A04683   A04725   A04811   A04850   A04856   A04858   A04860   A04862   A04864   A04865   A04870   A04893   A04894   A04901   A04904   A04916   A04951   A04957   A04982   A05006   A05065   A05078   A05101   A05142   A05162   A05165   A05174   A05177   A05201   A05205   A05225   A05230   A05271   A05285   A05289   A05292   A05308   A05409   A05410   A05436   A05443   A05453   A05487   A05488   A05491   A05492   A05493   A05498   A05514   A05558   A05559   A05609   A05655   A05823   A05898   A05958   A05959   A06025   A06098   A06101   A06109   A06160   A06162   A06241   A06242   A06324   A06351   A06439   A06481   A06483   A06786   A06950   A07039   A07072   A07082   A07092   A07250   A07315   A07713  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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