Press Releases

Assembly Passes Legislation to Protect Victims of Human Trafficking and Bring Perpetrators Of Sex Trafficking of a Child to Justice

Assemblymember Paulin and Senator Lanza Announce Agreement on Bill to Establish the Crime of Sex Trafficking of a Child

Three Pelham Middle School Students are the Winners of Amy Paulin’s “There Ought to Be a Law” Contest

Assemblymembers Paulin and Cusick Examine Utilities Companies’ Responses to March Nor’easters

Assemblymember Amy Paulin Votes to Gives Control of Teacher Evaluations Back to Local School Districts

Amy Paulin Expresses Relief at the Closure of the Domestic Violence Firearm Loophole

NYS Legislature Passes Amy Paulin’s Bills on Utilities Price Transparency and More Efficient Legal Remedies for Animal Shelters

Final 2018-2019 State Budget Will Include Two Proposals by Amy Paulin to Offer Relief from Harmful Effects of New Federal Tax Law

Assemblymember Amy Paulin Introduces Three Bills to Combat Sexual Harassment in Academia and Government

NYS Assembly Passes Amy Paulin’s Bill to Strengthen Background Checks for Gun Purchases

Amy Paulin to Host Third Annual “There Ought to Be a Law” Contest

The New York State Legislature Passes Assemblymember Amy Paulin’s Bill to Improve Last Year’s Restroom Access for Individuals with Gastrointestinal Diseases

NYS Assembly Passes Amy Paulin’s Bill to Codify Adoption Petition Practices

Assemblymember Paulin Votes to Move the 2018 State Primary Date to Ensure All New Yorkers Can Vote

Amy Paulin’s Bill That Helps People in Public Buildings Access 911 is Passed by New York State Assembly

Assemblywoman Amy Paulin Has a Trio of Bills Passed During the First Week of Session

Assemblywoman Amy Paulin Adds More Tax Legislation to Her 2018 Agenda

Assemblywoman Amy Paulin Set to Introduce New Tax Legislation

Amy Paulin’s Public Bathroom Access Bill Signed Into Law

Assemblywoman Amy Paulin's FOIL Bill Signed Into Law