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William A. Barclay
Assembly District 120

Community Happenings
Donate Blood - Save a Life
April 9, 2013

Keeping You Informed
Donate Blood Save a Life
April 8, 2014
Support their Sacrifice
February 24, 2014
Ethics Laws, Middle Class Tax Breaks, Energy Tax Breaks, Increased Penalties for Drug Abuse Among My Priorities for 2014
January 20, 2014
A Plan for More Jobs
December 13, 2013
Organ Donation Encouraged Online And With New Form
December 2, 2013
Common Core Raises Concerns
November 25, 2013
Re-Register for Your STAR Property Tax Savings
November 19, 2013
Restoring the Public Trust
November 15, 2013
Hire A Vet Tax Credit, Classroom Education, Mental Health Portal Among Law Changes For Veterans
November 4, 2013
New Law, 'Safety Plan' App Aims to Help Those at Risk of Suicide
September 27, 2013
New Law Reveals Complexity Of Synthetic Drug War; More Teeth Needed
September 23, 2013
New York in Need of New Tax Policies that Move State Forward
September 16, 2013
2013 Session Review
September 13, 2013
To the Editor
September 11, 2013
Junior Big Game Hunting Weekend Set Again for Columbus Holiday
September 6, 2013
Invasive Species Disrupt Domestic Habitats
August 30, 2013
Basic STAR Applicants Must Reapply
August 26, 2013
New Lake Level Plan Leaves Questions Unanswered and Shore at Risk
August 19, 2013
New Yorkers Have Tax-Free Savings Option in 529, But Plan Contains Some Risks
August 12, 2013
Legislation Regarding Drunk Driving, Child Abuse, Breast Cancer Mapping and Fire Safety Signed into Law
August 5, 2013
Career Centers Provide Resources During Job Search and Company Expansions
July 22, 2013
Summer In Central New York
July 12, 2013
What To Do About The Upstate Economy?
June 17, 2013
Last Weeks Include Push for Tax Breaks for Farmers and Active Military; Harsher Penalties for Synthetic Drugs; Improved Ethics Laws
June 10, 2013
DREAM Act Would Place Strain on Taxpayers; Takes Away from Legal Immigrants, Middle Class
June 3, 2013
Time For An Independent Ethics Committee
May 24, 2013
Farmworkers Labor Act is Poor Policy for Those in Reality
May 20, 2013
Funding for Developmentally Disabled Partially Restored; Creating the Crime for Staging Auto Accidents; and Improving ATV Rider Conditions
May 13, 2013
Changes to Election Day Unnecessary and Costly
May 6, 2013
Small Business Day Reminds Albany Leaders To Remove Costly Mandates
April 29, 2013
Albany Corruption Points Out Need For The Right Reforms
April 22, 2013
Laws Created More Child Sex Abuse Crimes; Still More Needs To Change
April 15, 2013
Budget ‘Robs Peter to Pay Paul’
April 8, 2013
Budget Misses Opportunity To Move State Ahead
April 1, 2013
Local Roads, Bridges Need More Funding Through NY Works
March 18, 2013
Public Dollars Should Not Determine Candidates
March 11, 2013
A Brief Survey Your Opinion Counts!
March 5, 2013
We Missed An Opportunity; Instead, New York Passed a Gun Law
March 4, 2013
Economic Development Plans Fall Short of Fixing State’s Real Problems
February 25, 2013
Affordable Care Act on the Horizon: What to Expect
February 19, 2013
Assessment on Utility Bills to Continue; Gun Law to be Challenged; Competitive Grants
February 4, 2013
Proposed Budget Detailed
January 28, 2013
Building Awareness For Parkinson's Disease
January 21, 2013
A Special Message from Assemblyman Will Barclay
December 6, 2012
A Special Report on Economic Development
November 27, 2012
Hurricane Sandy Reminds All of Importance of Smoke, CO Alarms
November 12, 2012
I-STOP Becomes Law To Help Combat Prescription Drug Abuse
September 3, 2012
New Law Creates Better Access to Jobs Listings, Trainings for Veterans
August 27, 2012
Assemblyman Will Barclay: Protecting Our Families
August 22, 2012
Agribusiness Report 2012
August 20, 2012
Heart Disease Still Leading Cause of Death; Latest CDC Obesity Study Shows Slight Improvement in NY
August 20, 2012
Fight Against Synthetic Drugs Culminates In Operation Log Jam
August 6, 2012
End of Session Update
August 6, 2012
FreshConnect Brings More Produce to Rural Areas; Farmers' Markets Show Bountiful Harvests of Upstate New York
July 30, 2012
Free Cancer Screenings Available to Uninsured; Income Limits do not Apply
July 23, 2012
Improvements Needed to Make NY Truly 'Open for Business’, Part 2
July 16, 2012
Improvements Needed to Make NY Truly ‘Open for Business,’ Part 1
July 9, 2012
Study Reports Prescription Drug Abuse on the Rise; I-STOP to Help Combat Abuse
June 29, 2012
Assemblyman Will Barclay - 2012 Budget Update
June 18, 2012
Dairy Day Brings Home Lessons of Farming, Value-Added Products
June 18, 2012
A Family Safety Update from Assemblyman Will Barclay
June 18, 2012
Mandate Relief, Economic Development, Community Safety Top My To-Do List During Last Days of Session
June 11, 2012
Fruit Farmers Need Federal Disaster Relief;
Raising Thruway Tolls for Trucks Grinds Gears for Business;
Protect Yourself from Lyme Disease

June 4, 2012
Business Incentives, Tax Reductions Pass In Albany
May 25, 2012
Fighting to Protect Us
May 8, 2012
Remember FAST For Stroke Prevention
May 7, 2012
Identity Theft: Ways to Prevent Becoming a Victim
May 1, 2012
Organ Donors Can Register Online; One Donor has Potential to Save 8 Lives
April 23, 2012
Sex Offenders Banned from Online Games; Laws Work to Protect Children, Families
April 16, 2012
Legislation Expands Foreign Trade Zone to Create Jobs, Investment in CNY
April 9, 2012
Budget: Spending Kept In Line; No New Taxes; Investments Made in Schools, Jobs and Parks
April 2, 2012
Protecting What Counts - Fighting Fraud in the Public Assistance System
March 27, 2012
Manufacturers in Need of Incentives; Undoing Costly Mandates; Free Fishing Clinics May Expand
March 12, 2012
An Urgent Health Update from Assemblyman Will Barclay
March 7, 2012
Violent Felony Offender Registry Would Save Lives; Child Advocates Petition for Law Changes
March 5, 2012
DNA Databank May Expand; Online Petition Launched to Ban Synthetic Marijuana
February 13, 2012
2011: A Look Back at a Productive Legislative Year
December 19, 2011
Steps Taken in Favor of Small Business; More Regulations Need to be Lifted
November 28, 2011
Synthetic Drugs Pose Public Safety Risk
September 26, 2011
New Yorkers Respond to Disasters, Floods
September 12, 2011
Personally, I Enjoy a Good Book
September 5, 2011
Autism, Domestic Violence, Grants for Small Businesses, Fishing Clinics Among Bills Passed this Session
June 27, 2011
The Ethics Bill: The Good and the Bad
June 20, 2011
Housing Market in Buyer’s Favor
June 13, 2011
Driver Safety Training Must Include How to Share Road with Motorcyclists
June 6, 2011
Crime Legislation Passes Assembly
April 18, 2011
‘I Love NY Outdoors’ Would Bolster Tourism Dollars
February 21, 2011
Manufacturers Visit Albany; Parks Protected; Governor Meets with Assembly Minority
February 14, 2011
State to Expand Medical Databases
December 13, 2010
Reminder: Be Wise Using Credit Cards During Holidays
December 6, 2010
How Our Area Fared Under Stimulus
November 22, 2010
Freedom First, In Albany, our state capital
November 19, 2010
Thank You to Voters
November 17, 2010
New York Ag Held Up As International Example
November 3, 2010
New York Ranks One of Five Safest States
August 30, 2010
State Needs Mandate Reform
August 23, 2010
Reported Lyme Disease Rates Increase in Pets
August 16, 2010
Last Bills Finally Conclude Long Overdue Budget
August 9, 2010
Fighting For Budget Reform In Albany - A Special Report on the 2010-2011 State Budget Process
July 23, 2010
Recent Supreme Court Ruling Protects 2nd Amendment Rights
July 19, 2010
Protect Privacy by Practicing Common Sense, Online Safety
July 12, 2010
Tough Choices Avoided in 2010; State Passes More Taxes, Fees
July 2, 2010
Economic Report from Assemblyman Will Barclay
July 1, 2010
Agribusiness Report 2010 from Assemblyman Will Barclay
June 29, 2010
We Deserve Better; Let’s Pass a Budget Already
May 17, 2010
Protecting the Second Amendment Right of Hunters and Sportsmen!
May 4, 2010
Knowing Signs of a Stroke Could Save Loved Ones
May 3, 2010
Reforming School Aid Formula Would Even Playing Field for Districts
April 19, 2010
New Job-Killing Tax Proposals Continue with 2010-11 Budget
April 12, 2010
Obamacare Comes With a Hefty Price Tag
April 5, 2010
Dashboard Project, Local Agencies Raise Awareness of Domestic Violence
March 29, 2010
State Homeowner Programs Assist Market
February 8, 2010
Looking Back at 2009 Provides Multiple Reasons for Change in 2010
January 4, 2010
Legislative Update from Assemblyman Will Barclay
November 16, 2009
Assemblyman Will Barclay Is Fighting to Protect Our Second Amendment Right
June 29, 2009
Power for Jobs, Government Consolidation Among Session Highlights
June 29, 2009
Elder Abuse Awareness Day Promotes Local Resources
June 15, 2009
Local Waterfronts Benefit from Revitalization Program
June 5, 2009
Session Priorities Include Job Protection, Property Tax Reform, Energy Improvements
June 1, 2009
New Laws Would Improve Veteran Benefits
May 25, 2009
Andrew’s Visit to Albany for Disability Day
May 22, 2009
New York’s Primary Economic Development Program Severely Hindered as a Result of State Budget
May 22, 2009
How Albany’s Budget Will Impact Central New York
March 2, 2009
News and Views from the 124th Assembly District
July 18, 2008
News and Views from the 124th Assembly District
July 18, 2008
Senior Newsletter & Legislative Update
July 15, 2008
Fighting for Affordable and Accessible Healthcare
July 14, 2008
Fighting for Women’s Issues
July 8, 2008
Snowmobilers Want Their Money Back and Assemblyman Will Barclay Couldn’t Agree More
June 17, 2008
Assemblyman Barclay is Fighting for Agriculture in Albany!
June 12, 2008
Will Barclay’s Plan Will Bring Much-Needed Jobs Back to New York
May 27, 2008
The Money Crunch Hits Home
May 19, 2008
New Policies, Fees Enacted and ‘Swept Away’ with 2008-09 Budget
April 28, 2008
School Resource Officers Should Remain
March 3, 2008
A.L. Lee Memorial Hospital’s Survival Rests on our Governor, Health Department
February 28, 2008
Household Debt Management Takes Multi-Faceted, Disciplined Approach
February 28, 2008
Assemblyman Will Barclay's Legislative Update
November 2, 2007
A Plan to Lower Your Taxes - Legislative Initiatives Supported by Assemblyman Barclay
November 1, 2007
Information for the 124th Assembly District
November 1, 2007
Assemblyman Will Barclay - Skaneateles Community Update
September 25, 2007
Assemblyman Will Barclay - Fulton Community Update
September 24, 2007
Oswego Community Update
September 17, 2007
Camilius Community Update
August 27, 2007
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