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William A. Barclay
Assembly District 120
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A04123Changes the mandatory date for kindergarten enrollment
A04124Requires the commissioner of environmental conservation to promote education in hunting, fishing and outdoor education in high school physical education courses
A04126Allows the county of Onondaga to retain twenty percent of the gross proceeds from the sale of any fishing license in such county
A04127Authorizes and directs the thruway authority to issue annual short distance commuter permits for travel at no charge along the thruway in the Syracuse area
A04165Excludes board of cooperative educational services capital expenses from the school district tax levy limit
A04177Provides for the creation of a new program for health insurance for individuals and groups of 50 or fewer; repealer
A04263Relates to establishing a deadbeats most wanted list and worldwide web page
A04264Requires additional investigation of certain claims of abuse or maltreatment
A04265Enacts the New York automobile insurance fraud and premium reduction act; appropriation
A04287Waives civil service examination application fees for veterans
A04303Prohibits certain individuals adjudicated as youthful offenders from possessing certain weapons
A04312Allows fishing guides and individuals holding a party or charter boat license to issue fishing licenses
A04313Allows for application to be made for absentee ballots by electronic means, including, but not limited to telefacsimile or electronic mail
A04361Relates to the probation administration fee
A04362Establishes "freedom health insurance plans"
A04363Prevents a person from being the distributee of certain property if he or she has ever been convicted of a sex offense where the victim was the decedent
A04446Creates the "I love NY outdoors" program; appropriation
A04447Relates to reimbursement of certain costs associated with shared municipal services
A04448Exempts snowmobiles used solely for sport fishing on a frozen body of water or solely for access to hunting or trapping lands from certain additional fees
A04449Directs the commissioner of education to promulgate regulations providing for the decertification of a teacher convicted of a felony
A04450Creates junior big game hunting license; describes rights and duties
A04451Relates to the quantity of disabled person plates issued to a disabled person
A04903Allows any qualified person to apply for voter registration and enrollment by application made with an application for any hunting or fishing license
A04940Requires food service establishments to post notice relating to the use of peanut oil
A04955Requires the division of criminal justice services to check the wanted felon status and other information of people applying for public assistance
A05017Relates to assessments to defray operating expenses of the department of financial services
A05440Relates to payments made to the Oswego board of cooperative educational services for costs of a certain capital project
A05441Relates to synthetic cannabinoid
A06395Authorizes primary care physicians to establish, offer and operate health care retainer programs which provide primary health care services for a flat fee
A06971Relates to synthetic cannabinoid, synthetic cannabinoid analog and substituted cathinones and prohibiting the production and sale thereof
A07621Relates to an assembly standing committee on ethics and guidance
A08093Authorizes counties to impose fees for performing drug tests and utilizing electronic monitoring equipment
A08503Relates to the right to bear and keep arms
A08640Provides that trained personnel of the Physical Security Organization of a nuclear facility be given peace officer status
A08825Relates to the tax exemption for nuclear powered generating facilities
A08826Relates to possession of firearms on property owned by or held in trust for SUNY ESF
A08854Allows residents who are employed by employers based in another state to obtain property/casualty or liability coverage under a policy issued to their employer
A09265Relates to developing and implementing a residency program initiative to service medically underserved areas; appropriation
A09271Legalizes, validates, ratifies and confirms the actions of the village board of the village of Parish notwithstanding certain defects

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00082   A00152   A00182   A00283   A00316   A00326   A00328   A00335   A00381   A00382   A00384   A00385   A00388   A00467   A00823   A01079   A01268   A01270   A01407   A01554   A01561   A01587   A01623   A01633   A01634   A01637   A01639   A01704   A01705   A01736   A01812   A01823   A01883   A01886   A01991   A01998   A02000   A02003   A02004   A02153   A02236   A02278   A02459   A02461   A02482   A02490   A02536   A02540   A02543   A02738   A02747   A03084   A03137   A03211   A03304   A03477   A03491   A03724   A03759   A04131   A04158   A04191   A04202   A04411   A04530   A04566   A04567   A04569   A04570   A04573   A04575   A04581   A04705   A04762   A04866   A04891   A04935   A04948   A05001   A05014   A05015   A05019   A05044   A05045   A05184   A05280   A05281   A05369   A05501   A05540   A05681   A05839   A05872   A05955   A06006   A06017   A06080   A06094   A06146   A06156   A06174   A06196   A06238   A06331   A06446   A06459   A06512   A06623   A06624   A06627   A06659   A06663   A06665   A06668   A06669   A06670   A06683   A06697   A06813   A06970   A07010   A07122   A07173   A07217   A07308   A07318   A07347   A07393   A07509   A07570   A07613   A07680   A07893   A08021   A08159   A08180   A08295   A08382   A08389   A08402   A08489   A08565   A08844   A08876   A09287   A09290  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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