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William A. Barclay
Assembly District 120
Welfare Fraud Investigators Support Barclay’s Legislation to Prevent Fleeing Felons from Obtaining Benefits
June 7, 2012

The New York State Welfare Fraud Investigators Association recently held its annual training meeting in Syracuse. Assemblyman Will Barclay (R,C,I—Pulaski) was invited to be the featured speaker in front of investigators across the state because of legislation he introduced this year that would require background checks on benefit recipients. The New York State Welfare Fraud Investigators Association supports the bill. Barclay’s legislation would institute a background check to prevent those fleeing from the law from obtaining state benefits. The bill stemmed from a case in Oswego County that revealed a man, Edward Moses, who was wanted for attempted murder, kidnapping and possession of a weapon in South Carolina, was fleeing from the law and receiving New York State benefits.

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