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S08159 Summary:

Amd §§606 & 42, Tax L; amd §§425, 520 & 1306-a; RPT L; amd §207, RWB L; amd §1, Chap 53 of 2016; amd §3614-c, Pub Health L; amd §11, Chap 710 of 1988; amd §1678-a, Pub Auth L; amd §3, Chap 549 of 1994; amd §1, Chap 55 of 2016; amd §34, Chap 91 of 2002; amd §17, Chap 345 of 2009; add §2590-r-1, amd §§355 & 2851, Ed L; add §§1308, 1309 & 1310, amd §§1303, 1304, 1351 & 1353, RPAP L; amd R3408, CPLR
Relates to a school tax reduction credit for residents of a city with a population over one million; relates to the school tax relief exemption (Part A); relates to the farm workforce retention credit (Part B); relates to the board of directors of NYRA (Part C); amends the aid to localities budget, relating to nonpublic school aid payable in the 2014-2015 state fiscal year (Part D); relates to home care worker wage parity (Part E); relates to effectiveness of certain managed care programs (Part F); relates to enforcement of building codes of the City of New York (Part G); intentionally omitted (Part H); relates to the New York state design and construction corporation act (Part I); extends provisions relating to the membership composition of the metropolitan transportation authority board (Part J); amends the aid to localities budget, relating to the office for aging community services program and the Wadsworth center for laboratories and research program (Part K); amends the aid to localities budget, relating to making technical corrections thereto (Part L); amends the capital projects budget, relating to general maintenance and improvements for the city university of New York and state university of New York (Part M); intentionally omitted (Part N); relates to extending the provisions relating to the reorganization of the NYC school construction authority, board of education and community boards; extends such provisions until 2017; relates to school based budgeting and expenditure reporting (Part O); and relates to the duties and powers of charter entities (Part P).
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