News Articles

Assemblymember Kelles discusses creation of LGBTQ+ advisory board

Assemblymember Kelles and New York Majority support CO2 fracking ban in state budget

Assemblymember Kelles and Advocates push bills to help New York’s EMS crisis

Assemblymember Kelles and Senator May announce bill to gather data on harmful algal blooms

New York legislation sponsored by Assemblymember Kelles attempts regulations of fashion industry

Kelles helps utility customers apply for energy assistance

Opinion: To judge a society, look at how it treats its children An argument for implementing the Raise the Age act

Kelles’ bill offers counter to New York's Cap-and-Invest proposal

Governor Hochul Signs Assemblymemeber Kelles’ Agrivoltaics Research Bill into Law

Assemblymember Kelles Encourages Residents to ReUse This Holiday Season

Kelles trumpets signing of broadband bill in Dryden

Governor Hochul signs Kelles/Webb bill saving Ithaca Carshare

Assemblymember Kelles proudly announces over $600,000 state aid for Cortland Library

Assemblymember Kelles promotes the Fashion Act at Denmark Global Fashion Summit

Assemblymember Kelles and Local Elected Officials Oppose NYSEG Rate Increases

Assemblymember Kelles’ sponsored bill passes to improve addiction services for LGBTQ+ people.

Assemblymember Kelles Joins Environmentalists’ Push Against North Tonawanda Cryptomining Operation

Kelles’ bill to save Ithaca Carshare passes in Assembly

Sierra Club urges state to quit promoting sewage sludge as fertilizer and ban its spread on fields

New York State bill requiring gender neutral terms in law passes