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Welcome Letter

Welcome to my New York State Assembly webpage!

You can find out about upcoming events and the achievements of our community in the 52nd Assembly District. You can also learn about legislation I sponsor and the committees I serve on. In addition, you can use the Assembly website to stay apprised of legislation that impacts our state, the state budget, and legislative hearings.

I am proud to represent you in state government and to advocate for policies to improve the lives of my constituents and people across the State. Together, we have built support for gun violence prevention laws, voter and campaign finance reform, and initiatives to protect women, immigrants, and families. I also work diligently to improve our health care and our educational system, especially for people with disabilities.

I encourage you to ask questions, raise concerns, share your ideas for legislation, and remain active in the government processes that affect you. Join my email list and read my monthly newsletter.

If you have questions about legislation or other constituent concerns, please email or call my Brooklyn office at 718-246-4889 or my Albany office at 518-455-5426.

Thanks for visiting, and thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Jo Anne Simon

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