Brook-Krasny Sponsors Ramadan Iftar Dinner for Turkish Cultural Center

Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny (R,C-Coney Island) sponsored a Ramadan Iftar dinner for the Turkish Cultural Center on Wednesday, March 29 at the Hilton Hotel in Downtown Albany, New York alongside his Democratic colleague, Assemblyman Phil Ramos. Brook-Krasny delivered remarks celebrating Turkish heritage and the center’s role in bringing so many diverse cultures together and helping to foster relationships. Brook-Krasny was the first state legislator to co-sponsor a Turkish-American dinner in Albany, which he began in 2008.

“One of the special facts about the United States is that we all feel proud to be American and also feel proud and celebrate the different cultures we have and bring to this country,” Brook-Krasny said. “We have a hope that the government in Turkey will be replaced by a democratic government. The Turkish people often say ‘inshallah’ meaning ‘God willing’ and we pray that in this year’s Turkish elections, the country will be returned to a democracy and Turkish immigrants will be able to return to their homeland once again to reunite with their family.”