Brook-Krasny: LockerNYC is a Band-Aid on a Bullet Hole

Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny (R,C-Coney Island) recently commented on the city’s new “LockerNYC” program as being a short-term fix to New York’s rising theft problem. The initiative is being rolled out as a pilot with seven lockbox locations set up across Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. Residents can have their packages delivered to these lockboxes equipped with anti-theft mechanisms. This new program comes as robberies have skyrocketed across the city with Brooklyn seeing a 9% increase at the beginning of this year. City Hall has also stated they receive thousands of reports every day of packages being stolen or lost in transit. While lockboxes can serve as a safe and convenient option for certain residents, Brook-Krasny believes lawmakers need to get to the bottom of New York’s crime problem.

“Temporary fixes are great but we need long-term change,” said Brook-Krasny. “I’m all for lockboxes in our city but we need to get to the root of this issue. We don’t have a theft problem because people aren’t keeping their packages safe, we have a theft problem because our laws have empowered criminals and made them feel invincible. You want to end this crime wave? Then repeal bail reform and these woke criminal justice policies that are destroying our city. It’s time for us to get serious and see this problem for what it really is.”