Coalition of Dominican NYS legislators Introduce a Resolution to Commemorate the 177th Year of the Dominican Republic’s Independence

On February 24, Assembly Members Carmen De La Rosa, Victor Pichardo, Karines Reyes, and Amanda Septimo introduced a resolution in honor of Dominican Independence Day, celebrated yearly on February 27, 2021, to uplift and highlight the tremendous strides and contributions of Dominican throughout New York State

Albany, NY Assembly Member Carmen De La Rosa joined forces with other Assembly Members of Dominican descent to introduce a legislative resolution commemorating the 177th Anniversary of the Independence of the Dominican Republic and to celebrate the historical events that led to the nation's independence, which exemplify the spirit andcomplex struggle of what it means to be Dominican. 

The Dominican Diaspora has left its impacts throughout the world, but Dominican culture has been especially prominent In Assembly Member De La Rosa’s district. The 72nd Assembly district, which encompasses Washington Heights (also known as “little Dominican Republic”).

The influences and culture of the Dominican Republic expand far beyond Washington Heights, in fact,Dominicans represent one of the largest Latino immigrant groups in the United States and during recent decades have been the fastest growing population group in New York City: of the over 495,000Dominican immigrants in New York State, over 422,000, or 85%, reside within New York City.A large majority of those who settled in New York city, reside in urban areas such as the southern part of the Bronx and the northern part of Manhattan, with307,800, or62% residing in Manhattan and the Bronx, the boroughs represented by the collaborative of Assembly Members that introduced this resolution. 

While this resolution is intended to celebrate the 177th independence of the Dominican Republic, it also serves as a celebration of the tremendous contributions of Dominican and Dominican Americans to our State and to uplift a group of peoples that have continued to establish themselves worldwide, despite adversity. 

“I am proud to be a child of the Diaspora, a Daughter of the Dominican Republic'' said Assembly Member Carmen De La Rosa. “I am humbled by the fact that today I am able to stand before you, a NYS Assembly Member, to introduce this resolution and celebrate the 177th year of the Dominican Republic’s independence and the hard work, determination and resilience of my forebears. In light of the 177th year of Dominican Independence, we must not forget the influences of our Taino, African and European ancestors that helped cultivate the richness, strength, and community of the Dominican culture we know today.”

“It is an honor to celebrate Dominican Independence Day and I am proud to represent my heritage, culture, and community throughout New York State’', said Assembly Member Victor M. Pichardo, “I would like to thank my fellow colleagues in the Dominican Delegation of the New York State Assembly in sponsoring this important resolution. ¡Feliz dia de la independencia y que viva Quisqueya!”

“As a Dominican-born immigrant, I am honored to partner with my colleagues in the Assembly in celebration of the 177th anniversary of Dominican Independence Day'' said Assembly Member Karines Reyes. “I am delighted by the ever-growing number of Dominicans in the Bronx who as a part of the Diaspora have contributed to the culture, history, and accomplishments of the borough. Unidos somos más fuertes. ¡Que viva la República Dominicana!”

“Dominican heritage is rooted in service to community and service to others. I am proud to be a representative of the Dominican community in the New York State Assembly and show up in service of The Bronx, which is home to more Dominicans than anywhere in the world outside of the Dominican Republic,” said Assembly Member Amanda Septimo, who represents the 84th Assembly District in the South Bronx.