Assemblywoman Amy Paulin and State Senator Shelley Mayer Successfully Negotiate NYSDOT Installation of Traffic Light at Intersection of Post and Edgewood Roads

Assemblywoman Paulin and Senator Mayer secured $1 million in funding from NYS to pay for the light installation

Scarsdale, NY – New York State Assembly Member Amy Paulin and New York State Senator Shelley Mayer have successfully negotiated with the New York State Department of Transportation (DOT) the installation of a traffic light at the crosswalk connecting Edgewood Road and Post Road. The intersection has been the subject of safety issues for pedestrians who need to cross the highly trafficked Post Road intersection.

Post Road in Scarsdale is a busy, four-lane, double-yellow road where cars typically travel in excess of the 30-mph speed limit. The Scarsdale section of Post Road cuts through a residential area where pedestrians frequently use the sidewalk along Post Road. In particular, the intersection of Post and Edgewood Roads is used by students walking or biking to and from Edgewood Elementary School.

Several years ago, in response to a request to the DOT by the Village of Scarsdale to address the safety issues at the intersection, the DOT installed a crosswalk warning sign with flashing yellow lights at the intersection.

Despite this installation, safety issues have persisted. It is difficult for cars travelling on Post Road to see the flashing sign, or by the time the sign is seen, it is either too late for a vehicle to stop, jeopardizing the safety of a pedestrian or bicyclist in the crosswalk, or a vehicle may brake abruptly, creating a dangerous situation for a driver following behind.

There were several impediments to the installation of the light, foremost including that Post Road is a New York State Road and therefore under the purview of the DOT.This led to Assemblywoman Paulin spearheading the negotiation with the DOT regarding the light installation.

As part of the DOT approval process, they had required a study of the intersection, which was completed this year.Following completion of the study, the DOT determined that an additional flashing sign would be installed to remedy the situation -- in lieu of a traffic light. As that action would not have been satisfactory to the Village of Scarsdale as it would not have been effective in establishing a safe crossing for the same reasons that the existing flashing lights have failed, Assemblywoman Paulin continued to negotiate with the DOT until it was agreed that the DOT would install the light at the intersection.

Assemblywoman Paulin and State Senator Mayer also secured $1 million of capital funding from NYS for the project – each contributing $500,000 of the $1 million needed.

The timeline for the light installation was initially 2026, however Paulin and Mayer were able to move the timeline up to a 2025 install date, and continue to work with the DOT to further expedite the time of install.

“I’m proud to have been able to secure the DOT installation of a traffic light at Edgewood and Post Roads,” said Paulin. “People need to be able to cross at that intersection safely. Children need to be able to walk or ride their bikes to school without the danger of being hit, and their families need to feel secure in letting them go on their own. Getting lights installed on DOT property is never easy, and there are many hurdles to get through, but that’s my job and I’m happy to be getting this done for this amazing community. I also thank State Senator Mayer for her partnership, contribution and commitment to helping Scarsdale.”

State Senator Shelley Mayer said, “I am pleased to have been able to secure $500,000 in funding from New York State to help pay for the installation of a traffic light at the intersection of Edgewood and Post Roads. Thank you to Assemblywoman Paulin for her steadfast leadership on this issue, and together we know the community will be safer with a traffic light at this busy intersection. Walkable communities are terrific- but they must be safe as well.”

Village of Scarsdale Mayor Justin Arest said, “The intersection at Edgewood and Post Roads has been a focal point for some time, and thanks to Assemblywoman Paulin and Senator Mayer, we're moving towards a safer solution. Their dedication to the project, securing the necessary funding and expediting the installation timeline is truly appreciated. Public safety is always our priority and we are very fortunate to have state representatives that are true partners in getting important initiatives to the finish line.”

Scarsdale Village Manager Rob Cole said, “Assemblywoman Paulin, Senator Mayer, and NYSDOT have displayed exceptional coordination and collaboration in advancing this critical Post Road safety enhancement on an expedited basis. Their efforts in this regard are noted and greatly appreciated; the traffic light at Edgewood Road is a necessary, life-saving intervention.”

Scarsdale Schools Board of Education President Ron Schulhof said, “The installation of a traffic light at the Post and Edgewood Road intersection will be a great benefit to our students and community. Many students cross Post Road as they walk or bike to Edgewood Elementary School. Thank you to our State representatives, Amy Paulin and Shelley Mayer for their advocacy and funding of this important safety initiative.”

Scarsdale Schools Superintendent Drew Patrick said, “On behalf of our school community, and especially our Edgewood families, I would like to express my gratitude to Amy Paulin and Shelley Mayer for their advocacy on this important safety issue. The ability of our students to safely and confidently walk or bike to school provides health and sustainability benefits, and helps to nurture a strong sense of community. The addition of a stop light at this particular location is a gift to our students, and a great step forward for Scarsdale.”