Assemblywoman Amy Paulin’s Statement Regarding Iran’s Attack on Israel

Yesterday, Israel was once again under attack.

Foremost I stand with Israel and pray that America continues to stand unequivocally with Israel as it confronts and responds to Iran’s attack.

I am also so grateful that Israel has developed the technology to keep its population safe. And I thank the American, British and Jordanian governments and pilots who served to protect Israel.

These are perilous times for Israel, the Middle East, and the world. Iran’s massive and unprecedented direct attack on Israel is a reckless and irresponsible escalation of war. We now must find a way to avert an active war with Iran, rid Hamas of power, and free the hostages.

Despite this immense challenge, I still remain hopeful. There are choices to be made at this moment, and a chance to change the current trajectory. I pray that the choices which are made provide a sustainable, peaceful future path for Israel.