Paulin: Tax Relief is on the Way

Assemblywoman Amy Paulin (D-Scarsdale) today announced that the governor has signed a law she supported to deliver property tax relief to New Yorkers. Homeowners will benefit from the tax relief through a STAR rebate check.

“I am very pleased to announce that the governor has agreed to the Legislature’s plan to deliver significant relief to Westchester’s overburdened taxpayers,” said Paulin. “Our plan will deliver much needed tax relief to those who need it most – homeowners, seniors and hard-working New Yorkers.”

Relief from high property taxes

The legislation will provide Westchester families with significant property tax relief that will amount to an average basic STAR rebate of $532 and an average Enhanced STAR rebate of $822. The checks should arrive later this fall.

In addition, the Legislature passed a final budget that provides a cost of living adjustment to Enhanced STAR, which will save eligible Westchester seniors another $373 – bringing the combined average Westchester Enhanced STAR savings to $3,934.

“Skyrocketing property taxes are forcing people out of their homes and out of the state,” said Paulin. “That’s why I fought to put tax dollars back into the pockets of Westchester residents – so that hard working families and seniors can afford to remain in our communities.”