Assemblywoman Amy Paulin has Two Bills Sent to Governor Andrew Cuomo to be Signed into Law

Scarsdale – Assemblywoman Amy Paulin (D-88) is pleased to announce that two of her bills, A.7642 and A.490A, were sent to Governor Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday to be signed into law.

“These bills are representative of the wide range of issues that I have tackled during my time in the Assembly,” Paulin said. “Young or old, sick or well, I have championed for the protection of the individual and I believe that these bills are indicative of how I have worked to ensure the health and well-being of not only my constituents but of every resident in the state.”

A.7642 provides best practices guidelines for adult protective services. When we think of abuse in the home, our thoughts often go to how children are mistreated. Adults are often the targets of abuse, too. This bill will aid in providing those adults, many who are elderly, with the care and protection that they can’t give themselves.

A.490A, “Hannah’s Law,” is named after Yorktown resident Hannah Devane. This bill requires that every health insurance policy or contract that provides coverage for prescription drugs include coverage for the cost of enteral formulas administered orally as well as via a feeding tube. This legislation is critical because it will mean children like Hannah will no longer have to use an invasive feeding tube simply because it is the only method the insurance company covers.

“Hannah’s Law is particularly important to me,” Paulin said. “Having seen what this courageous young lady was faced with, the thought of watching her or other children like her suffer needlessly was the only motivation I needed to get this bill passed.”