Paulin’s Legislation to Prevent Animal Cruelty Passes

Bill requires dog owners to provide adequate outdoor shelter

Amy Paulin (D-Scarsdale) announced the Assembly and Senate passed her legislation requiring dog owners to provide adequate outdoor shelter (A.8679).

“As we head into the summer, pet owners across New York are going to be letting their dogs outside to enjoy the nicer weather,” Paulin said. “However, the weather can turn quickly – exposing many dogs to harmful conditions and putting their health and safety at risk. My bill will require pet owners to provide their dog with a house or shelter to protect them from exposure.”

Paulin noted that complaints about dogs left outdoors without adequate shelter are among the most frequent received by humane societies and police all across New York. Her legislation will allow police and cruelty investigators to intervene before a case of inadequate shelter becomes life-threatening – removing animals from unsafe homes and fining owners who allow this kind of neglect.

“Dog owners have a responsibility to provide humane conditions for their pets. Unfortunately there are some who aren’t responsible enough to provide basic shelter,” Paulin said. “Now we can make sure that – no matter what the conditions – our dogs will be protected from outdoor exposure. I urge the governor to sign this measure into law.”