Paulin’s Legislation Reinstating Daycare Medication Procedures Passes Assembly and Senate

Assemblywoman Amy Paulin today announced that her legislation to help working parents by permitting daycare staff to continue to administer medication to children was passed by the Assembly and Senate (A.8987-A).

“Last year, the State Education Department ruled that daycare centers could no longer dispense medication to the children in their care,” Paulin said. “Without legislative action, parents would have to leave work – even at the risk of losing their job – to give their kids something as simple as Tylenol. For a child who might need emergency attention like an Epipen, this law is a lifesaver.”

Paulin’s legislation clears up confusion between State Education Law and regulations established by the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) which halted daycare staff from administering medication to a child in need. “With over 400,000 children attending daycare in New York State, this new law will give parents peace of mind knowing our children’s medical needs are looked after while we’re at work,” Paulin added.

“Now that this legislation has passed, I look forward to continuing my commitment to helping working families and ensuring our children’s good health is provided for,” Paulin concluded.