Assemblymember Amy Paulin Receives Perfect Score from New York League of Conservation Voters

Paulin, a long-time environmental champion, has received the top score from the NYLCV for each Year NYS legislators have been scored

Scarsdale, NY – Assemblymember Amy Paulin has received a perfect score from the New York League of Conservation Voters (NYLCV) on their annual legislative report card. She has received the top score from the NYLCV every year since they first started awarding scores to New York State legislators. 

Assemblymember Paulin has a long record of advocating for environmental causes and fighting the climate crisis, including supporting the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, the nation’s most aggressive law to address climate change. In the 2021 legislative session she authored and passed landmark, first-in-the-nation legislation banning the use of pesticides at children’s day and overnight camps. She has also recently authored and passed environmental legislation including bills promoting renewable energy in local municipalities, banning a toxic oil grade, and supporting EV parking.

“I remain committed to introducing and supporting environmentally conscious legislation to build a more sustainable future,” said Paulin. “The climate crisis is rapidly accelerating, and so must our response. We continue to see the alarming impact climate change has had on our environment and lives. Here in Westchester County we have recently experienced devastating flooding from climate change, which we know is only the beginning of the changes we will experience in our lifetimes. I will continue fighting for clean energy, waste reduction, climate resiliency, and reduced emissions, to help our communities adapt to these changes while mitigating future impacts. I'm grateful to the New York League of Conservation Voters for their partnership in this effort, and I appreciate their recognition of my record as a fierce defender of the environment."

“We commend Assemblymember Amy Paulin for once again earning a perfect score on the NYLCV State Scorecard. For years, Assemblymember Paulin has been a strong advocate for the environment, fighting for clean transportation, protecting parkland, and clean energy. The New York League of Conservation Voters understands the importance of having environmental champions in office, and we’re proud to work with Assemblymember Paulin to combat climate change and create a green New York for future generations to enjoy,” said Julie Tighe, President of the New York League of Conservation Voters.

The NYLCV rates legislators based on their voting history and co-sponsorship of environmental legislation. This year the organization's report assessed 15 bills considered in the State Assembly, touching on issues ranging from environmental justice to public health and clean water and energy, as well as transportation.

The full NYLCV ranking, with explanations of each underlying bill and their impacts, can be read here.