Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day – 80th anniversary of the date that lives in infamy

On December 7, 1941 – “a date that will live in infamy” – the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor was attacked during World War II. On that day, America changed forever.

Today, on National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, we honor those we lost, the ones who continued the fight, and those who stand ready 80 years later to protect our freedoms.

It is my belief that honoring and recognizing those who served in our nation’s military and made countless sacrifices, is a duty owed to these brave men and women by the American people. The attack on Pearl Harbor resulted in the damage and destruction of nearly 20 naval vessels, over 300 airplanes, and more importantly, the death of more than 2,400 Americans. This attack led to the formal entry of the U.S. into World War II the very next day.

Having served in our nation's armed forces and as a member of the State Assembly’s Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, I know just how devoted our service members are to our country and its principles. Every day I wake up, I’m reminded that the freedoms enjoyed by my community are the result of their service to our country. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to fight for our veterans and ensure they have the respect and support they deserve.

God bless you all and God bless America.