New York State Gas Suspension MUST be Extended

In March of 2022, I introduced new legislation to suspend all state taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel for one full year (A.9503). Although the legislature ultimately agreed to a 6-month suspension during budget negotiations, I still maintain that my bill was the better option as it gave the legislature an opportunity to revisit the suspension during the 2023 budget cycle based on an assessment of economic conditions at that time.

As it stands today, allowing the gas tax suspension to expire on December 31st is unacceptable. The gas tax suspension has helped New Yorkers to save more of their hard-earned money during these challenging times. It was needed then, it’s still needed now, and it should continue. Economic conditions point to extending it for least another 6 months as I originally proposed, so that the gas tax suspension can then be considered again in the context of the 2023 state budget. Passing my original bill (A.9503) would be the best and quickest way to do that before the end of the year because it already has established sponsors in both houses (Senator James Skoufis in the State Senate).